Hironobu Sakaguchi Directing The Last Story

Andriasang: Nintendo has been posting a series of development blogs for The Last Story over the past few months. These columns have been penned by unnamed people listed as only "director" and "producer."

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Newtype3107d ago

Wasn't this known already?

SpoonyRedMage3106d ago

No, I don't think Sakagudhi directed LO or BD and he was assumed to be the producer with someone from Artoon or other AQ Interactive subsidiary being the director.

CrzyFooL3107d ago

What he said ^^, isn't this the reason people have been watching thisgame from the start? As I understand, it may be Sakaguchi's last game.

Stephen55433106d ago

Yeah it's been known from the start, xD but I believe that the "last game" thing was a mistranslation (if I recall correctly). He's pouring every thing into this game as if it was his final game, but I believe it has been stated since that he is not intending on this to be his last game.

na-no-nai3106d ago

you know it gonna be a good game when ff creator himself working on it

pcz3106d ago

all this talk of it being a good game is irrelevant if it doesnt get translated into english and released in the west

SpoonyRedMage3106d ago

The question that arises from this is who the developer is because it was assumed that Artoon was the developer because Sakaguchi referred to a Mr M, which was assumed to be the guy from Artoon.

So who's the developer and who's Mr M?

He could be referring to Shigsy and the staff could be an internal Nintendo team....