E4G: Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Review

E4G: Lara Croft has returned in an epic adventure to search for treasure and fight creepy monsters. Now who wouldn't like that? Even though this is not similar to any of the previous Tomb Raider games it still manages to maintain that same sense of adventure. This has been the first game that included cooperative gaming and it definitely pulls it off fantastically. This is probably the best Lara Croft game that we have played in a while.

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dkblackhawk503107d ago

Great read! I enjoyed the game myself too, a great Lara Croft game.

mmoracerules3107d ago

To be honest here the game sucked, the graphics sucked and boy will I get disagrees for this...

dkblackhawk503107d ago

>.> you got my disagree but honestly what is wrong with it? It is an XBLA can not expect Uncharted 2 graphics with this game.

CovertGunman3107d ago

Honestly, I though the graphics were fairly good for an Arcade game. I was thoroughly surprised with it.