Left For Dead 1 And 2 on PS3?

Malik Forte´of Ironstar writes: "Geoff Keighley of GameTrailers TV may have revealed something of mega-ton caliber on twitter today. It appears as if the next episode of GTTV will be a huge special on the development studio Valve. As we'd all expect, there is sure to be a lot of new unveilings in regard to Portal 2. But Keighley also may have hinted at something that many PS3 owners have been waiting a very long time for."

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ingiomar3108d ago

one any of you ps3 owners really want to play this game? I just like to know cuz i was never interested in this game

PirateThom3108d ago

I have a 360 and still wasn't interested... maybe if I'd a PC capable of running it, I might have been more inclined to give it another go, but I played the 360 version and HATED it.

deadreckoning6663108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Duh its common sense...I said this on E3 week.

Valve and Sony's newfound relationship means that all their console games will now be on PS3. Btw, I LOVE L4D. Best online co-op game out there IMO. Its the only semi-360 exclusive I've wanted on my PS3 =)

Man, if these games come out THIS year, I might have a HHG moment and start doing pushups for no reason lol. I hope this is true..we all know how Keighly overhypes EVERYTHING.

@bioshock1221- Ur proly right..but I hope your wrong lol. I agree that L4D3 has a better chance of coming out than L4D 1/2

DasBunker3108d ago

first ME and now this... someone noticed the "attention" the rumor got and decided to do something similar *sigh*

bioshock12213108d ago

@deadreckoning666 I don't think L4D1 or 2 will hit the PS3 I'm pretty sure L4D 3 will but not the first two.

This is most likely DLC news that Valve said a long time ago that there was still more DLC to come for both L4D1 and 2 after the passing DLC was released. The guy who wrote this should have just made a quick google search and he would known that Valve still plans to support both games with DLC.

eggbert3108d ago

but they don't seem to be too taxing, the graphics aren't that great, and you can even reduce the graphics even more if your computer isn't really up to snuff.

You could probably pull off the game with a sub $50 graphics card, 512 MB-1 GB RAM, and a sub $60 CPU.

Also, if you had a choice, I'd definitely suggest getting the PC version over the console versions. STEAM games are designed specifically to work with STEAM, so you get updates on the fly, aiming is more precise, and you can access mods and whatnot.

ABizzel13108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

All the people saying Nah, or it's not interesting are bold face liars. They're just trying to keep Left 4 Dead on the 360. Left 4 Dead is one of the most fun games this gen (Part 2 is much better than part 1).

Both games have a score of 89 on metacritic, and I can say they deserve those scores.

Also both games have sold 2.81 million copies so somebody likes them.

Left 4 Dead isn't GOTY worthy, but it is one of the most fun games you'll play.

If it does come to PS3 I'm going to buy it on there as well. That's how good of a game it is.

rekof3108d ago

at PirateThhom ,.. My watch could run it,.. And I really don't know why everyone is jizzing over this games,.. Have L4D2 on pc,.. was fun a couple of times with friends,.. but ,.. I don't really see what all the fuss is about,..

SaberEdge3108d ago

I could see this happening. EA obviously has some special affection for Sony right now and even Valve has come around to the PS3. Given those two factors I could see this easily happening. I am sure Valve and EA will want Left4Dead 3 to come out on the PS3, so why not release the first two games on PS3 to allow people to catch up.

Who knows, though, it might be false.

Rumor3108d ago

i would love it to be on my ps3 ;)

0mega43108d ago

after ea bought out bioware i didn't understand why they wouldn't turn all series to multi plat especially since all there other games are.

its a way for them to make even more money.

i understand they were exclusive to microsoft but since they do not own the ip i dont understand why ea wouldnt want to bring it to all consoles

additionally i loved playing l4d & mass effect and dont mind more people getting to enjoy the game

Kerrby3108d ago

This is why IronstarMovement should be blacklisted. They post crap.

It's just DLC, Chet the Valve manager for Left4Dead said that they're going to announce and reveal the DLC this month.

So there you have it.

IronstarMovement is just as bad as HipHopGamer.

AndrewRyan3107d ago

This is not very big news for me. It would be for PS3 only people however so I wish you luck it is actually a very entertaining game.

AtatakaiSamurai3107d ago

so all these "exclusives" from ms were all just an illusion. that's crazy. lie to your consumers making them believe they'll have many games you cant' get anywhere else when the true is you'll get them anyway some time in the future.


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SeanRL3108d ago

Nah, I've never been into this series either.

Raoh3108d ago

i played the first one one my 360, dont have one anymore but i was interested in left 4 dead 2.. i could play it on my pc but i'm more of a gamepad gamer, i'm not ready to take people on on the keyboard and mouse..

anyway, as a ps3 owner i would love to be able to play left for dead on the ps3.. and i would advice ps3 gamers to get it as well. gears of war not so much for ps3 gamers, mass effect? depends who you ask, not every ps3 gamer is into rpg's.. but i think left 4 dead would be a welcomed game..

i would advice sony/valve to advertise it as if it just came out for the first time.. dont make it seem like a left over game..

and if they add mods to the ps3 version like epic did with unreal tournament a few pc gamers will get the ps3 version just to create and compare mods..

iNcRiMiNaTi3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

PC version has gamepad support though.

I think most if not all PC games being released now have gamepad support. Even an MMO like vindictus has gamepad support.

It's cool that devs are now giving PC gamers an option to choose a control style they prefer. And even if you have a game from back then that has no gamepad support just use Xpadder. It lets you map whatever keys you want onto a gamepad (eg. WASD movement to dpad/analog stick etc.)

Raoh3107d ago

really? i need to check it out again then..

i know mass effect series has no gamepad support and i always assumed source engine games from valve had no gamepad support...

RedDead3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Nah you should want it, it's one of the most fun games i've ever play with friends, maybe the funnest. Seriously, playing on insane is just the funnest thing ever, it's sooo hard aswell. a tank gets your heart going, the appearance of tank is very dangerous and your guaranteed 1 every level. Playing as the infected is brillant aswell, there's nothing quite like Stalking your enemies as a hunter in it. I would recommend it to anyone who can get it, if you have an ok pc, just get it. It's requirements are low I assume, the graphics are below average in this day and age, about the same as Half life 2.

Oh and you have to pla it for a while before you like it and play with friends. It's not very "next gen" so I can see why your first impression would be to hate it. It's alot like Half life 2 (shooting mechanics).

rroded3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

how bout giving us an updated team fortress instead ie put on psn as a stand alone game n throw us some of those updates the pc users got... us orange box owners would luv ya for it.

that n work on portal2 n maybe a new engine so it looks like 2010 instead of 1999

OpenGL3108d ago

What game in 1999 looked as good as Half-Life 2? Also, if you games on the PC, you'd already have access to Valve's newest version of Source, as it's used in Alien Swarm. Lost of dynamic lights with some pretty high quality shadows.

Motorola3108d ago

I do, I have a low end PC, i downloaded this and I can get 30FPS offline with everything low. I would love to play this on ps3...which I do most of my gaming on

Hellsvacancy3108d ago

Ingiomar, id rent it, id probably buy Mass Effect though :-P

Boody-Bandit3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

and I never cared for L4D.
Played the demo a few times through then I deleted it. Never understood the appeal for this series. It's zombie wave after wave. Kill a boss. Rinse and repeat. The controls were tight, graphics bland, gameplay repetitive. It's only fun online with friends. I prefer team based shooters against human opponents.

blodulv3108d ago

I felt the same way.

Was really disappointed too as I love pretty much anything zombie horror...

Very repetitive and I wasn't concerned or "scared" at all when playing this. It was literally just "lets see how many zombies we can decimate" and that's it.

danielle0073107d ago

It isn't wave after wave, kill a boss. .. There aren't even bosses, just special infected that force you to play differently, and as a team.

It's the only TRUE co-op game this generation. It's hectic, and fun, and requires communication, especially if you play on realism.

I love it. It might be kind of repetitive, but the levels are never the same. The AI is always different, and in Left 4 Dead 2, the levels actually switch up.

It's pure fun. <3

NoOoB1013108d ago

Actually I'm interested. The only game I owned on 360 was left for dead 2. Was going to buy ME2 but 360 rrod 2 days before. refurbished model btw.

ABizzel13108d ago

I love Left 4 Dead, they are probably one of my most played games this gen. This is one game PS3 only owners are missing out on. I literally bought my 360 for this game after playing part 2 over my uncles. I love all the games on PS3, but fun wise the only game on PS3 that can compare to Left 4 Dead is Warhawk.

Left 4 Dead is a great game. One thing PS3 owners need to do is make sure they get a mic. You can play it without one, but once you get into modes like Realism you are going to lose all the time since you can't communicate with one another.

I just might buy Left 4 Dead 2 on PS3 if it comes out so I can play on both, it's that much fun.

Christopher3108d ago

I'll be honest, I'm not interested in them. But, would be good to see more games available to more gamers.

ActionBastard3108d ago

I played both on the 360 and both were It'a almost an online only game, the SP is just ok. The whole appeal of L4D is in the cooperation and teamwork. My concern is potentially playing on PSN with 3 mic-less teammates, there's no guarantee my friends will get it, if it's even real.

wicko3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I'd have trouble recommending this game for any console gamers, both games are incredibly short and custom campaigns on PC are what kept it alive for so long for me. But who knows, it might support mods on PS3 like UT3 did and if that's the case then I wholeheartedly recommend it.

You definitely need to play this with friends otherwise it won't be very fun.

Bolts3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

The mechanics of this game totally sucks without a mouse, that and the contents are pathetically slim. This situation is compounded by the console's need to monetize the updates that are available for free on the PC.

For those reasons I have a feeling that most people with a PS3 wouldn't give a rat's ass about this game just like how 360 owners didn't care much for it either.

Too little too late. Valve should really stop trying to cash in on the consoles all together since their attempts has been incredibly half assed.

kevnb3108d ago

why wouldnt they make a console version, even if the pc version is many times better? Devs like bethesda and bioware do the same.

kevnb3108d ago

or not at all, its a valve game.

BattleAxe3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Damn! I just bought L4D 1 & 2 on Steam last month (summer sale). Oh well, I'll probably buy them again if they come out on PS3 just so I can play them with my friends.

Lekumkee3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I would buy Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 for the PS3 if it comes out on one disc and cost $59.99. If it comes out separately then no chance in hell I'm buying it.

avengers19783108d ago

@ingiomar, No i was never interested in these games either. If they come out (on one Blu-Ray) I still won't be getting them.

cayal3108d ago

I've honestly never given L4D a thought but damn if L4D series and Mass Effect console jump that is a mega-coup for Sony.

EeJLP-3108d ago

Do I want them coming to PS3? Yes.
Would I play it? Yea, eventually.
Are they at the top of my list? No.

Imagine if they announce both Mass Effects and Left 4 Deads? The 360's going to take a big hit on



no i wont be getting it i played it on 360 and it got boring very fast

the nrxt zombie game i want is dead nation

Megaton3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

All Valve games should be bought on PC, IMO. At least Valve is working to incorporate Steamworks into the PS3. That's certainly a step up.

gamerzBEreal173108d ago

i want it!
umm mass effect 1 and 2
left 4 dead 1 and 2 on PS3
ICO collection in one day just like that?
either it's the best gamescon ever of these (are both) are a lie :(

gtamike3107d ago

I have Left For Dead 1 on PC so im good.

Left For Dead 2 was bad (daytime fails)

Imperator3107d ago

Wow, 360 loosing "exclusives" (under the definition used by 360 fanboys since technically they're already multiplat) left and right.

Crystallis3107d ago

No, I was never interested in L4D. M buddy has it for his PC and wasn't impressed. Now ME is a differnt story.

CaptainKratos3107d ago

i've been interested since it was announced for PC and 360! but now im like, ok im broke since i had bought the it would be soooo cool if it came to the ps3.

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KratosGirI3108d ago

That would be great for those PS3 only owners who missed out on this awesome series!

ThanatosDMC3108d ago

Bad thing is they'll probably sell it for $59.99 even if it's both copies on one disk that'll be overpriced especially when you can get them on Steam for cheap even the pc disk which is $9.99 for L4D1 and $14.99 for L4D2.

TheIneffableBob3108d ago

It's not happening, though. At least it's not going to be announced this week on GTTV.

From the article:
"Now I'll be the one to ask the question; why on earth would there be "Left For Dead 1 and 2 news" when the first game has pretty much run it's course on the 360 and PC?"

The answer is here:

"So what happened with the third DLC for Left 4 Dead? Is there any new DLC on the way for L4D2? Where is the Mac version? Where is the comic? All your questions are answered, and more, next Friday August 20th on Game Trailers TV. The show airs at 12:30am on Spike."

NYC_Gamer3108d ago

everytime he tweets info its just nothing but false hype

N4GAddict3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Sounds like it is not related to PS3:

So what happened with the third DLC for Left 4 Dead? Is there any new DLC on the way for L4D2? Where is the Mac version? Where is the comic? All your questions are answered, and more, next Friday August 20th on Game Trailers TV. The show airs at 12:30am on Spike.

niceguywii603108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

When the 360 starts to do good in sales or when the 360 seems to offer more(despite hyped lists) articles come out of the woodwork claiming every 360 exclusive is going to PS3. 360 success brings the inner fanboy out even in the most skilled purps

wicko3108d ago

Oops, L4D is on PC. Might as well be PC exclusive because without user content its pretty much a 2 hour game for the avg user.

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