Niitsuma-san Offers His Thoughts On Why Microsoft Can’t Crack The Japanese Market

Through all their trying and effort, success in Japan is still miles away, but why? What are they doing wrong?

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NYC_Gamer3108d ago

japanese mostly support their own products

zootang3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )


I think that is a cop out! They love Baseball!

AAACE53108d ago

Nyc_Gamer is right! It's just like over here...

Americans mostly support their own products!

Wait... that's not right!

We support whatever we feel is interesting!

I believe it's just that MS hasn't done enough to earn peoples respect as a brand! Quite possibly, the Xbox 360 might be looked upon the same way we feel about Daewoo products in america!

SOAD3108d ago

AAACE5, you're wrong.

Americans buy foreign products all the time.

Toyota is the leader in vehicles for the US market, right?

Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba, lead the television market.

In Japan, the Iphone is a wildly popular product, just as it is in the states.

I don't think American companies make good vehicles or good electronics, overall.

The Japanese will definitely buy a product that is popular and functional and futuristic.

The Xbox 360, while a good gaming machine, isn't exactly the most futuristic console, in terms of hardware.

It still uses DVD, and it has a dubious failure rate.

If Microsoft plays its cards right, and tries to change its reputation by changing their practices, I don't see why the Japanese wouldn't accept their improved products if they proved to be superior to the competition.

Lucreto3107d ago


Actually baseball it a sport that came from the UK.

It is just far more popular in the US.

The real killer3108d ago

Japan People want high tech console, not support their own.
USA people are the true their home product, look at them they buy even more than two 360's :)

Natsu X FairyTail3108d ago

Actually JAPANESE buy the PS3 because it offer games they Are INTERESTED IN! Just like wii. The xobx has nothing to offer in their eyes. ALl the Rpgs are now Available on PS3 with more content. All the titles like Demon soul Yakuza are exclusive to the Sony brand. Which makes the obvious Choise of console. In America people buy Xbox 360 Because there's Shooters etc etc and that's what Please them.

This is not about Americans supporting their own console or japanese doing the same you idiots.

young juice3108d ago

if microsoft wants japan they are gonna have to take it... with good games.

stop with all those stereotypical anime "games". because not everyone in japan is an otaku.

Lich1203108d ago

Well, its definitely not true that Americans support their own product based off location. Note how poorly the original Xbox did in comparison with the ps2. As for the 360s greater success here and failure in Japan. I think that largely boils down to the entry barrier (its not established there) and the differences in the games each market plays. I have my 360 for FPS and TPS... and Limbo?. The market for those types of games is pretty small in Japan (except maybe limbo, but thats an Arcade title... not really a console mover).

jetlian3108d ago

explain the ps2 last generation or ps1 before that!!! both were pretty weak

SOAD3108d ago

But they had the games. Microsoft has always lacked a major first party base.

And the way they're operating now, it seems they won't likely start acquiring studios.

jetlian3108d ago

they lacked games? I didn't know games choose systems. Japanese devs didn't even try to make games for it and why is that? Xbox was easier to program last gen too. truth is 360 success forced them to make games this time. And they still won't buy it!!!

If you looked at japanese 360 marketplace they have plenty of love and anime style games. Even getting 15 month exclusive on rpg didn't work. All in all they just don't like western stuff.

BYE3108d ago

They just don't like last gen technology for the same price as current gen.

Kaneda3108d ago

Maybe Japanese gamers are more tech savvy. They know what they are getting.

Most of my buddies, that bought xbox. They just want to play Halos and Gears... they don't care about the specs. Or anything.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3108d ago

Because even Japan knows M$ is the villain.

Optical_Matrix3108d ago

It's not just a case of Japan only supporting their own products. Anyone else who has been to Tokyo can agree with me that Japan shying away from foreign products is a complete and utter fabrication. Apple has a HUGE presence in Japan for example. Just Microsoft doesn't know how to approach that market.

Buying up a few JRPG's and calling it a day was never going to help them in the long run over there. And what with the whole RROD debacle, a country that is so particular about quality and perfection was never going to catch on. Microsoft is an EXTREMELY American/Westernized company. They're almost the embodiment of western business I think. And I think it's their mentality that prevents them from finding their foot in Japan.

kneon3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I've spent a lot of time in Japan and I agree that the fact that Microsoft is American is not the problem. For whatever reason many Japanese love American "culture", so being American is not a detriment. But as the article said, they aren't going to buy something just because some company says it's great, you have to show them why it's great. I guess they just aren't as gullible as western consumers.

Optical_Matrix3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Exactly. I noticed a lot of the marketing out there tells you exactly why a product is worth buying. Gives you incentive where as Microsoft's marketing is all about hype. I mean look at Kinect. We never knew anything about it for over a year yet it survived on the hype alone. Marketing like that doesn't work in Japan.

EDIT: Where are my disagree's coming from? Try and tell me I'm lying when I say we knew absolutely nothing about Kinect for over a year, not even a proper name. We had seen no solid games, not solid hardware specs. Just concept and tech demo's and the one thing keeping people talking as the hype. Not the games shown for the device. That is a typical western business strategy.

Yue93108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

hasn't showed anything great about the thing either just the RROD and games they don't even like sometimes i hate being in american because people are so stupid here and there is a reason i own a wii and a ps3 to me they have console that will last u longer and games that will make americans and the japanense happy..

Moonboots3108d ago

"sometimes i hate being in american because people are so stupid here"

I'm sorry to go off-topic but the irony is killing me here.

lowcarb3108d ago

"gullible as western consumers"

So westerners are gullible for liking and wanting a 360? WTF...I mean why can't we just be honest and say MS has made a lot of enemies and Japan just doesn't like them.I'm not sure how else you expect MS to advertise over there but I say who cares. 360 is doing a phenomenal job even without them.

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UP3108d ago

yea japan loves parts of american culture. They love Baseball. And look at earthbound.

jc485733108d ago

all it needs is to make sure that the console does not scratch the discs when I happen to move it at an angle. Is that really hard to do? I'm dying to buy 360 games, but the....well make it better that's all I'm asking.

SOAD3108d ago

That's a pretty dumb excuse. What compels you to shift your console's position while the disc is in play? Just because you feel like it?

ActionBastard3108d ago

“When Microsoft brings something good, they tend not to really explain it,” he continued, “They say, “This is amazing! This is awesome! What do you think?” but I think Japanese consumers usually require a bit more guidance.”

“They tend to be in need of further explanation, so you have to say, “This is big and awesome! And this part is made of this and that’s why it’s good. And this could do this much things and that’s why it’s good,” and I think Sony is probably, so far, better in explaining things to the Japanese market.”

So they don't blindly follow AMERICAN hype?

Godmars2903108d ago

Think its more about being given something, being told its amazing yet leaving people to figure out how on their own, and being given something that shows itself to be amazing.

Love or hate it Wii's amazing was waggle while the PS3's was direct HD support. Meanwhile the 360's "amazing" came with qualifiers like XBL.

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