Gamestop Pulls The 160GB PS3; Beans Possibly Spilled

PlayStrum writes: "Many different websites have reported an interesting discovery found from the Gamestop website. According to those websites, Gamestop updated their site with a new 160GB PlayStation 3 model selling for $299.99. That price, being the current price of the 120GB models, gave rise to questions concerning the fate of the 250GB and - more significantly - the 120GB SKU."

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jay23694d ago

New SKU for every shorly confired for the press conference then.

Agent-863694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

In Japan, I thought the 120/250gb models have already been replaced with 160/320gb versions (including a white model). So, maybe, Japan is first and now the rest of the world will be getting the 160/320gb models. I've also noticed that the Sony website has the 120gb slim with a game for $299. So I wouldn't be surprised to see the 120/250gb models to get discounted soon to make way for the new SKU's. I could see the 120gb selling for $275 and the 250gb at $325. Then, they'll be at $25 increments (until the 120/250gb models sell out): 120gb - $275, 160gb - $300, 250gb - $325, 320gb - $350.

zeeshan3694d ago

I'd rather take a perm price drop so I could buy another one :)

A Cupcake for Gabe3694d ago

This is a big deal. I see another blow out on sales. Back an forth till on prices till the end. Wii is sitting back thinking "WTF, this is madness. I don't even have a hard drive"

TheTeam063694d ago

They definitely leaked it. Tomorrow should be interesting. haha

KratosGirI3694d ago

I'm satisfied with my 250GB SKU :)

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Newtype3694d ago

White PS3 in the US? That's will be my 2nd PS3 if so.

A change in the wind3694d ago

Yep, I`d jump on that instantly. I`d then have a 60GB, 120GB, and a 160GB white PS3. For a console with hands down, the best future ahead of it, why not have multiple systems? Could you imagine 10 years from now, opening up a brand new white PS3 that you had saved for yourself? Man, that would be something else.

LOLconsoles3694d ago

I'd only get a console if it was 199 kay thanks. Also something's gotta be done about those spambots. Annoying as shit.

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