Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 – Broken gameplay, multiple box arts, and The Undertaker

PS3 Attitude: THQ announced today that there will be region specific game covers for Smackdown vs. Raw 2011. That’s nice, but how about fixing the problems that have plagued the series since forever?

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NYC_Gamer3810d ago

people continue to support this series after all the broken promises from THQ

Delriach3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Indeed. Another problem is that nobody else can develop WWE games. It's either you get the game and suck it up or you don't get to play a WWE wrestling game. OR... any wrestling game, really. Not like that TNA game was any good.

RandomGamer3810d ago

Man I need to find a copy of Here Comes the Pain so I can finally play a good wwe game again.

Enigma_20993810d ago

... Gimmie HCTP with SvR 2010 CAW features...

Zachmo1823810d ago

No what we need is a no mercy game again....Just update the graphics again release and as a arcade game.

BkaY3810d ago

i dont know why they are making new wwe games slow as shit... we want gameplay like "here comes the pain"...

i still remember playing "hell in a cell match" with my cousins all night long..

good times..


CobraKai3810d ago

That was the only WWE game where I can lose on Legends difficulty. It was actually cool losing the title to an F5 rather than a half crab submission.

DaBadGuy3810d ago

Yeah, I still own the game and play it all the time. By now I've played through career on almost every superstar I think. Brock Lesnar was overpowered as shit and on Legend, he was nigh unbeatable. I miss being able to battle all through the arena and even go outside and dive off the ladder of a helicopter and F5 my opponent through a car and watch the car explode. Once got into an hour long Fatal Four Way match between me and my friends, no Lesnar allowed. I was Eddie Guerrero up against Steve Austin, Rey Mysterio, and Undertaker. Got Austin with the frogsplash after about an hour of mayhem. Good times, good times.

CobraKai3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Man that sounds epic!!! If only the new games were like that. Then again the roster isn't as awesome as it was in Here Comes the Pain.

squallheart3810d ago

oh i know that feeling, i remember back in the day playing wcw vs nwo. Had a tag match with a couple of friends that lasted 1 hour and a half and finally with the 450 splash from juventud my team won the match xD.

I played svsr 2010 after not playing a wwe game for 4 years and it was horrible. I rather play kings of collisium. Havent watched wwe in 2 years. Mostly watch tna and noah

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chiwoo3810d ago

The games will still sell every year no matter whats the issue

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punisher993810d ago

I wonder will Nexus be in this game. (buncha NWO wannabes)

DaBadGuy3810d ago

I just hope Bryan Danielson makes it into the game. I cannot bring myself to call him Daniel Bryan, it's just dumb. It would be cool if Nexus makes it into the game, but it's a shame you can't do more than 3 vs 3 matches. I want to recreate the beatdown on Cena, that was brutal, and if a tie is a usable weapon in the game, that's just aces.

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