Lara Croft: Too Sexy To Die

"She is arguably the first true female “icon” in video game history, and despite how many times she appears to die on screen, well… she never really dies, does she?"

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Umbrella Corp3105d ago

Lara Croft and her nude patch pitched a tent in my pants back in high school.

FragGen3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

I've always considered the dudes who dug Lara just for the digiboobies to be kind of pathetic examples of the desperate lonely video game nerd archetype, TBH. Something about pixel-lust is kind of creepy to me almost like dudes who drool over anime characters that don't actually exist as humans.

Since the Lara character has been portrayed so many different ways (i.e. her looks are not set in stone, a zillion models, actresses, games, comics, drawings, etc, have been made of her some not even distinguishable as the same "person"), I'd much rather see people cite her as being important as an example of a strong female heroine and trail blazer character in gaming history rather than just a big lump of wood inducing 38 double D pixelbooty art.

nickjkl3104d ago

take a picture of a girl put her on the internet is she not then jujst pixels

DORMIN3104d ago

I don't think many of you know the cultural impact Tomb Raider has had on the game industry and game media.

She definitely is an icon for gaming. It was sort of in a way that caught non-gamer appeal and became a sex symbol in her own right. Yeah yeah, digital boobs WTF, but look at all the models and hot girls have knowingly dressed up as a video game character.

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The story is too old to be commented.