How Not To Be A Noob At Monday Night Combat (RunDLC)

So you just downloaded Monday Night Combat. You reached the menu screen and can’t wait to jump in and kill some fools. After all, Crossfire is where the action is, right? You know how to fire your gun and upgrade your skills, so what else could you possibly need? You even completed the tutorial.

Here’s what probably happened. You died a lot, your team lost and now you feel like a terrible person. Well, you’re not terrible. You’re just a noob. Don’t worry. Everyone was new at some point, and I’m here to help you transition from the new kid to a superstar. What follows are a few tips to help you avoid the embarrassment of repeated losses and the consistent cries of anguish from your mates once they spot your incompetence.

Matt Frost (RunDLC)

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hamsterfist3108d ago

Love this game... Part TF2 and I think part ShadowRun for those that remember the 'new' ShadowRun that came out for the 360.

heatburns3108d ago

Agreed! I can't get enough of it and keep finding myself staying on for just one more game. I'm excited to see what they have planned for future DLC but I've still got loads to learn and experiment with before then.

Buff10443108d ago

All I keep hearing are great things. Can't wait to play it tomorrow...when I buy a points card!

Smiling5353108d ago

Definitely one of the surprise hits on 360. Didn't know what to expect from it at first, and Uber Entertainment did a phenomenal job. It's a splendid third person shooter with plenty of carnage an most importantly, humor. Does't take itself too seriously, which is great. Def a must play!

Breakfast3108d ago

Buy the game people, it kicks ass. Much better mp experience than 90% of the games out there.

heatburns3108d ago

I've also been impressed with most of the players I've encountered online so far. The quality has been mostly very high with only the odd abusive miscreant.

With the fantastic vocal support from the Uber devs who seem to be really listening to their customers, I'm going to keep coming back for a long time yet.

3108d ago
hedy3108d ago

Good tips but you didn't mention spawning your own bots. I'm always sending in the gremlins and running around causing havoc and waiting to take down some Jackbots.