Starcraft II Will Allow A Free Name Change

Blizzard will allow a free name change for gamers who were not aware that their user name for the game would be their sole alias. They are also adopting a paid name change system for gamers who want to change their name in the future.

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SeanRL3110d ago

Shouldn't it be free to begin with? 0_o

RaymondM3110d ago

Thank GOD! I thought I was going to be stuck with "Cl0wnbaBy" forever!
on a serious side note tho, that will help all of the dumb people that thought it would be funny to give themselves dirty names now.

omicron0093110d ago

World of Warcraft charges $10 per name change, so looks like Blizzard is getting that up with Bnet :(

IaMs123110d ago

That is ridiculous we should be able change our name for free, its OUR name

AEtherbane3110d ago

Dont world of Warcraft my awesome Starcraft!

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The story is too old to be commented.