Hydro Thunder Hurricane – Crush! Frag! Review!

CFD!'s Dustin Stevens takes a look at second of this year's "Summer of Arcade" releases:

"In case you missed it, Hydro Thunder was a motorboat racing game from 1999 that Dreamcast owners still use as proof that there were good games for the system. A decade later, Microsoft has released the sequel Hydro Thunder Hurricane in the unenviable position of following up Limbo in their “Summer of Arcade.” How could Hurricane possibly live up to the expectations of the critically-acclaimed Limbo? I don’t think you’ll find anyone calling Hydro Thunder Hurricane an “experience,” but as a game, I believe it stands up incredibly well."

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tigresa3106d ago

XBLA wasn't as good this year IMO. :\

ShadowPraxis3106d ago

Spoken like somebody who hasn't played Monday Night Combat yet ;P

Still, last year was pretty good. 'Splosion Man and Shadow Complex (OSC controvery aside) were both pretty amazing.

ShadowPraxis3106d ago

*cough*someofusdonthavethemone yanddidntgetthereviewcode*cough *


SynGamer3106d ago

Is this the same game that you could play in the arcades?

acronkyoung3106d ago

I would totally pick this up if it were on PSN.

Paradise Lost3106d ago

I would love to buy this game because i really enjoyed the demo...But $15 is wayy too much.