Rumor: Mass Effect PS3 announcement tomorrow

Sal Romano: Start your engines. Gamescom is starting tomorrow and it looks like the rumors have already begun. NeoGAF user De-Mon is claiming to have knowledge that tomorrow during their Gamescom press conference, either Sony or Electronic Arts will announce Mass Effect’s shift to PlayStation 3. He says it’s either going to happen tomorrow, or in print magazines a few weeks later.

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ActionBastard3105d ago ShowReplies(28)
PirateThom3105d ago

And just when I thought everyone had forgotten about Gamescom.

hikayu3104d ago

today is "tomorrow" . they confirmed it with a teaser . ME2 is officially heading to ps3 .

I KNEW IT ! bioware tried to dodge that question for months , i knew it was TRUE !!!!

dktxx23105d ago

Believe it when I see it. I mean how many times did MGS 4 rumors pop up and say the exact same thing? 30? 40?

Baba19063105d ago

agree would be cool, but i dont see this happenig any time soon.....

mattkelly19913104d ago

WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! It is like going forward in time. lol.

NYC_Gamer3105d ago

this game should come to ps3 since its 3rd party