IGN: Celebrating the Worst PSN Games

When the PlayStation Network was young and inexperienced, it put out a few stinkers in terms of games. That said, the Game Scoop crew sat down with a guitar and honored the passing of the "worst PSN game" title back in the day.

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Simon_Brezhnev3109d ago

Lol im not surprised by IGN a lot more bad PS3 news will come from them when Halo Reach comes out.

maniacmayhem3109d ago

Every website that has some PS3 article that doesn't praise it is automatically put on the shit list eh?

Seijoru3109d ago

No its just that it is weird that IGN has to start digging in the past to rag on PS3.

TotalPS3Fanboy3109d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I wouldn't be suprise to see IGN dig out an article on the crappyness of Haze from 2007 when Halo Reach comes out.

mastiffchild3108d ago

While it's an odd thing to do(i.e point out that there were some crap games three years ago and, Christ, we all know some XBLA and Wiiware titles stunk up the place pretty badly too)I don't think the BIG issue here is to do with any "hate" IGN have for Sony's black beaut, not at all.

No, the problem here is the complete lack of any talent for this kind of jokey article/video at IGN. The issue is HOW did they make this and find it funny enough to launch at the general public? It was totally unwatchable and of VERY questionable quality all round which is kind of ironic when they're lambasting games like Super Rub a Dub for being rubbish when, in actual fact playing said game would be infinitely more fun that watching THAT again AND be of a generally much higher quality all round. Also, we wouldn't have their bloody singing either.

So, imho, they took a big, soft and squishy easy target like a few less than stellar downloadables and managed to make THEMSELVES look MORE shoddy. Lack of bravery and a lack of comic wit all displayed so proudly for our delectation. IGN you spoil us! Well, you spoiled something-possibly comedy itself with the indelible shite stain of your own cack handed "humour".

Beefstew4u3108d ago

I don't think many of you realize this is from an episode of Gamescoop! from like 3 years ago. Just a typical Daemon and Greg musical moment. It's meant to be funny, not some kind of flame bait.

Someone just happened to take the song, and create a video for it in flash. IGN posted the video on their website so those who didn't listen to Gamescoop! back in the day could hear it.

So chill the fuck out and stop accusing IGN of bashing the ps3 with old news.

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Seijoru3109d ago

You speak the truth, IGN wants to go back to the days when they can rag on the PS3 like in 2007. Won't work nowadays considering how awesome it is with exclusives, blu-ray, etc.

mintaro3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

You guys are so uptight, how bout you take it for what it is, and thats entertainment. Purpose of the vid right?

lol, it's as if they insulted a family member

TotalPS3Fanboy3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

PS3 is like a brother to me!

TotalPS3Fanboy3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Double post.

rdgneoz33109d ago

@mintaro I take it for what it is. As you said, entertainment. Though that video was just horrible... Their singing hurt my ears and he video animation itself was horrible. They should have at least put some effort into making a better one and be a little more creative in it.

SilentNegotiator3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Well maybe if the video WAS entertaining...

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rroded3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

commmon cant get enough sony hate...

what with halo 3.5 round the bend n with no bad games on xbl....

n bringing back superduck really makes a point on how far psn has come with the games you can buy now... sure it was a blast moving that duck with the ol sixaxis sure tons of peeps loved it but compaired to what we got now... AAA game after AAA game...
but you trolls jus keep singing and hating while the rest of us play on!

maniacmayhem3108d ago

Every website has a top 10 bad/good list. IGN is no different.

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ABizzel13108d ago

LOL this is funny. What a waste of article. I guess it can save some people from buying a bad PSN game.

ReservoirDog3163108d ago

Haha but I liked Super Rub a Dub...

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Ocelot5253109d ago

super dub a rub did not deserve 2.9, it was fun tbh

Axecution3109d ago

Me, and all of my friend's played Super Rub'a'dub endlessly. It was actually a really fun game.

Hey, IGN - and all reviewers for that matter - f--k off.

Nate-Dog3109d ago

Is this video supposed to be funny? I had to turn it off once the singing started and the slow-motion zoom into their review of Super-rub-a-dub began.

Megaman42xX3109d ago

but what was the point of that? If anything it just makes me wonder how bad those games are since they hardly showed any gameplay and just had some lame flash animations. I'm mostly sad that they felt the need to throw in a Mario 64 and Megaman X reference.

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