Video Game Movies That Don't Suck (RunDLC)

Video game movies get a bad rap because most of them suck. We’ve suffered through Double Dragon, House of the Dead, Max Payne and countless other bombs, but a few managed to earn our respect, and no, we don’t mean Prince of Persia. Here’s a short list of our favorite flicks inspired by games.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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TheDCD3111d ago

LOL at Nightmares. Poor Estevez.

Buff10443111d ago

Haha....that's what he gets for breaking into an arcade at night...and acting. :)

Smiling5353111d ago

Don't hate! Men at Work was good. HBO had that on all the time years ago. You couldn't escape it.

Smiling5353111d ago

I AM...the bishop of battle...cutting edge tech back in the day, I assure you! :)

donniebaseball3111d ago

I actually like the Resident Evil movies for the most part, particularly the first one.

Smiling5353111d ago

First one was OK. Got a little crazy. Wish it had taken place in a mansion like the original. Michelle Rodriguez tho....made the film for me! :)

heatburns3111d ago

So many good memories there. Fingers crossed that I'll be adding Scott Pilgrim to my own version of this list soon.

Oh, you missed one though -

Eiffel3111d ago

Would anyone count the Riddick chronicles? Really only franchise I know that has GOOD films and GOOD games.

LeonSKennedy4Life3111d ago

Silent Hill is awesome! I'm not sure why critics panned it.

Oh wait...I do.

They're critics.


alphakennybody3111d ago

it killed many important symbolic meaning from the games, just like pyramid head he was just tossed in.

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