Cage: Lack of additional Heavy Rain DLC 'unfortunate' but 'understandable'

Joystiq: "With the chances of further downloadable episodes of Heavy Rain's "Chronicles" DLC looking all but nonexistent, we wondered how Quantic Dream CEO and creative head David Cage felt now that his game has been folded up like an origami crane. We caught up with Cage after his talk at GDC Europe today to find out."

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SeanRL3106d ago

I'd like to see this guy's take on a shooter. It would definitely be interesting.

Redempteur3106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

NO ...NO


if you want example of shooters, just try the shooters part of THE NOMAD SOUL
for his work

And we have already countless shooters , i'd rather see him create adventures games or story telling games as they are too few of them and he has enough fame and backup from people in order to finish his projects ..

ActionBastard3106d ago

It is what it is. I've beat it twice and will beat it again when Move is released.

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3106d ago
MrBubble3106d ago

Loved the game got every ending
its just too bad there's no more DLC

Why don't you go play your exclusive Sims 3.
oh wait
Well at lest you still have rumble

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