Gamescom: What Went Wrong with Red Steel 2?

During a talk at the Game Developers Conference Europe today, Ubisoft's Jason Vandenbergite, Creative Director for Red Steel 2, explained his thoughts on why the sequel didn't exactly fly off shelves. Released in March of this year, Red Steel 2 has sold 270,000 copies. It definitely reviewed well and earned a score of 80 on Metacritic, so what happened?

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ActionBastard3111d ago

I'm curious to see how many good games with poor sales (like Red Steel 2) get ported to Move. The programming code from what I've read is similar between the Wii and Move, so it's seems possible. Shame Red Steel 2 didn't see better commercial success. And MadWorld. And House of the Dead. And Zak and Wiki. And Boom Blox.

Gr813111d ago

Boom Blox sold over a million copies..HotD sold close to amillion copies and Madworld over half a million copies what are you talking about? And why port games to move if the risk isn't worth the reward? Only ones who largley even care about Move are the die hard Sony fans, no one else gives a damn. And Sony's software sales leave much to be desired any way.

Red Steel 2 didn't sell for quite a few reasons. 1)It came off of a game which many consumers felt was a waste of their time and money 2)The game itself, while fun is pretty shallow from a gameplay standpoint and lacking content, no multiplayer whatsoever 3) And the replayablity is very low. On top of this the game is structured in a way that really limits the player experience to mission based and linear. It becomes monotonous and predictable.

With all that said though, I enjoyed it, for the most part, the sword play was nailed and shows what M+ can do. Also, visually the game is stunning, but pretty games don't make good games. The only shame about Red Steel 2 isn't that it didn't see commercial success, but that it didn't deserve it.

BrianB3111d ago

People didnt buy Red Steel 2 because , the hardcore audience is an endangered species in the wii's demographics, the only way a good game will evr sell on that system is if it has an italian plumber in it, they should have made mario a playable character and renamed the game " Mario and the Red Steel" it would have sold out the f*ckin door. sad but true

ActionBastard3111d ago

What did you not understand? Considering the Wii's install base, all of those games should have sold more imo. I said "better commercial success", not "they all flop". There is no MadWorld 2, there is no HoD:O 2 and so on. Why is that?

Biggest3111d ago

With 100909 million possible sales, 500k is a horrible total, Arius Dion. I do hope for some PS3 Mad World love though. It's a bad ass game.

Gr813111d ago

One of you repliers are delluded in some way. Making no sensewhatsoever. 'Hardcore' "compared to userbase" these are lame excuses or rather explanations that hold no weight at all. The game was enjoyable, but weak, simple as that.

What games sell well on PS3? MW 1 and 2? I guess that userbase only cares for casual fps'? No HotD 2? Overkill WAS HotD two. These games should have sold more in your opinion? LoL! Why should they have sold more? There isn't gonna be a Madworld 2 because the first one was LAME. Look at Okami on PS2 or Odin's Sphere, I guess every game was a flop on PS2, I mean using the whole compared to userbase frame of thinking.

How many 5+ Million Sellers does PS3 have? How many 10m Sellers does PS3 have? Looking like a thin list there aint it Biggest?

You guys can't have it both ways, if over 500k is a flop on Wii how can 500k NOT be a flop on a different console? ESPECIALLY when taking into account dev costs, but we won't even get into that.

BrianB3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

lol i actually don't own a ps3 so do you wanna rephrase your question ?, just accept the fact that wii's demographic is made up of mentaly challenge 12-16 year old girls, old people, and soccer moms and what do those people tend to play ?
LMAO look at the wii's top selling games wii play, wii fit, wii sports resort games that didnt even score above 80 on metacritic, yet look at your excelant hardcore games like NMH, Madworld and Metroid.
I mean even Mario Galaxy has trouble keepin up with the wii's casual [email protected] its quite pathetic really.

ChickeyCantor3111d ago

So freaking true.
The ps2 never sold a "hardcore" game more than 100 million copies.
And many developers were actually satisfied with the numbers.
More sales is always better, but who says they are truly dying?

N4g_null3111d ago

Arius let them have that oh the wii is casual. We all know that more that half of the wii's best sellers are not casual games. What is funny an hd console is coming and it's going to have crazy 3rd party support.

Mahr3110d ago

"There is no MadWorld 2, there is no HoD:O 2 and so on. Why is that?"

Why is there going to be a The Conduit 2 when of the three it had by far *the* worst critical and commercial reception? Because Sega is a terribly-managed company.

EvilTwin3110d ago

You're talkin' too much sense, Arius. ; )

There were a lot of reasons for why RS2 didn't sell well. But...I mean, you can say that about a lot of games. You can talk about why Okami, or God Hand, or Metal Arms, or Killer 7 didn't sell well until you're blue in the face. Some games, even really good ones, just don't catch on.

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Newtype3111d ago

I hated the original Red Steel, waste of money when I first got the Wii. Won't get it on the PS3 either.

oldjadedgamer3111d ago

Yeah Red Steel 1 was so bad there was no way I was going to get the 2nd.

Xander-RKoS3110d ago

Considering that the only thing Red Steel 1 and Red Steel 2 have in common is the idea of using a gun and a sword, and that kind of being the selling point, it seems kind of weird that people would just ignore it like that.

Did you even look at the game? Completely different. It's also mind-numbingly fun.

Optical_Matrix3111d ago

The Wii install base, predominantly at least, only buy a handful of IP's. Mostly Nintendo first party games. Seriously, as much as I enjoy playing on my Wii, Nintendo have created a system that only they and maybe Activision and EA can score big on. All the Wii's best selling titles are Nintendo first party games.

Alos883111d ago

If it comes to Move I will get it, my brother borrowed my Wii when he went to Uni and I won't see it back for a good while yet.

kesvalk3111d ago

i remember the loading times of this game, man, that was a very big turn off for me, it was like, half a minute each door, it was terrible...

just like last remnant

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