Halo: Reach will have a wireless headset. - Remember when Halo 3 came out and Microsoft decided to release that puke green Xbox 360 along with matching controllers and wireless headset? Yeah me too. Bad job by them. Retailers couldn’t give those things away. Anyways, it looks like Microsoft is trying not to repeat itself with the upcoming launch of Halo: Reach. Not only have they announced a shiny new Silver Xbox 360 slim console (with matching Halo: Reach sounds!), they will also be selling a Reach themed wireless headset to go along with it.

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HelghastKid3108d ago

That's one sexy headset :p

allyc4t3107d ago

A lot better than the puke green one from a couple of years ago!

VinnieMac3107d ago

Am I the only one who likes the original headsets that go around your whole head more than these wireless ones?

allyc4t3107d ago

They should make a wireless version of those ones.

Fatal Blow3107d ago

I will be getting this for my halo reach 360 limited edition

Mite223107d ago

I love the colors, not the price.