Dead Nation: New Zombie Survival Guide Trailer

With zombies coming at you from every angle in Dead Nation, you’ll need to know the basics of surviving the zombie apocalypse! Watch the Zombie Survival Guide below:

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ActionBastard3108d ago

This looks great. I'm personally really looking forward to this one. PSN really has some great games.

BornToKill3108d ago

i hope this game has online co-op.

R2D23108d ago

n used games for more expensive than new. Example: GameStop, used LittleBigPlanet $64.99. New LittleBigPlanet GOTY edition with a bunch of extra content, $59.99. Someone explain that to me please. It's not the first time either. I went to get Mass Effect 2 for 360 new for $29.99 a few weeks ago, and there were used copies for $39.99. And while I was buying it, there were 3 people behind the counter, talking in full volume about how they hate me for not buying a used game or a pre-order, and comparing percentages of pre-orders and used games to games they've actually sold and berating me by saying that I was bringing their percentages down for not buying a used game. It's ridiculous. I hope everything goes digital download in the future so we don't have to deal with shit like this from places like GameStop. I buy all my games new (and typically online) so I don't have to deal with this shit. It's a disgrace to the video game industry.

What's the difference between pirating a game and buying it used? $55 to a heartless company that has nothing to do with making the game and who do absolutely nothing to earn the money other than the actual act of selling it, which anyone anywhere can do. That act is not worth $55 and someone already paid full price for that game. People are just putting money directly into that company's pockets for doing nothing, and honestly, it's worse than pirating. At least with pirating, no one is making a profit off it. The actual developers don't get a cent either way, so why does it make it "okay" to paid some random person $55 of pure profit to the greedy person for a game when he did absolutely nothing to earn it, or download a game for free where no one tries to charge you $5 less than the brand new price and no one gets hurt. Well, the only one who gets hurt is the developers who don't get a cent for a pirated game, right? Oh but wait, they don't get a cent for a used game either. Honestly, what's the difference?

Seriously, $5 less? Is it really worth it? And they try to charge you disc protection too, for like $3 or something. That's $58 for a used game. Jesus, just pay the $2 you cheap bastards so at least some of the money goes to the hard working people who actually created the thing you love and not to some heartless company trying to rip people off for pure profit when they had nothing to do with the production of the actual game.

I don't understand why it bothers peoples' conscience to download a game for free, yet it puts their conscience at ease knowing that $55 of their money is going to someone who did absolutely nothing to earn it. If anything, what GameStop is doing is more illegal in my eyes than pirating is. Both have the same effect on the developers, but one way is making a profit off it and one isn't.

Bathyj3108d ago

This game is taking far too long. I mean c'mon, when was this first announced. A PSN title shouldnt take this long.

I'm only complaining because I want it so bad.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Yeah, this was announced in 2009, I don't remember in what Conference.

There are more PSN Games taking to long to be released.

Dungeon Hunter:

Under Siege:

spunnups3108d ago

From the same developers as SSHD, u know it's going to be great.

rbluetank3108d ago

i just hope it is coop... please make it coop sony...

fOrlOnhOpe573108d ago

it will have both on and offline coop - something like zombie apocalypse only scaled up.

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