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Dragun6193107d ago

This is good. All this means is that Third Party Exclusives isn't dead and SE is willing to make Exclusives. Sorta reaffirms that Final Fantasy XIII Versus can remain a PS3 Exclusive if SE wants to.

lelo2play3107d ago

I guess it's another game for Gamescom. site says "Website coming 18 August"

big_silky3107d ago

Sounds kinda like The Club

ingiomar3107d ago

Thats one more exclusive for us

Karooo3107d ago

more shooters for us we are hardcore baby !

MicroSony4Life3107d ago

What makes you think that this will be your genric soldier/alien shooter where we have to save the world?

For all we know this game could be shooter RPG with bannas as bullets for the gun. Dont put something down becasue it does not look like your cup of tea.

IneedWeed3107d ago

@ MicroSony4Life he said more "shooters" for us which this game is a third person "shooter". Don't think he's trying to put the game down.

I'm glad 360 is getting an exclusive since they have not enough good exclusives for 360. I play most of 360 console exclusive on my PC, my 360 is only used for Halo 3 and some CoD MW, my PS3 is mostly used.

Can't wait for Halo, and GT5... most anticipated games so far. After those games I'll be waiting for KZ 3, Crysis 2, Rage, GTA V, FF XIII Versus, Last Gaurdian, LoZ Skyward Sword, UC III, and Gears of War III.

darkstar3107d ago

Im actually excited for this. I think I am one of the few people who really enjoyed the club.

Sez 3107d ago

Your not the only one. I enjoyed the club too. But I'm not getting my hopes up until I hear more about this game.

big_silky3107d ago

I liked it too. It was one of those games that you either "got" or you didn't. Unfortunately most reviewers didn't "get" it.

LiViNgLeGaCY3106d ago

I'm pretty sure I "got" it alright. It was just a horribly put together game. I thought it was terrible.

McValdemar3107d ago

Wasn't Square love for 360 gone?

NYC_Gamer3107d ago

sqaure has no love for any console its all about making $$$ like any other business

strickers3106d ago

If that were true they would release their games on both systems.Unless MS giving them large amounts of cash.All their 360 exclusives would have sold better in JP on PS3.

Newtype3107d ago

It's probably from one of the developers, not straight from Square. Like Eidos.

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The story is too old to be commented.