Top 5 Custom PC Cases

E4G: Here are the top 5 custom PC cases to date.

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Newtype3111d ago

the question always in mind, are they designed well for cable management? exterior may look good, but designs for use as a they run well?

dkblackhawk503111d ago

Well if it has enough space on the inside (the bike for example) cable management should not be a worry :D

Hitman07693111d ago

this is niceness, I want to upgrade my Ram and possibly build a new PC soon with SLI cards.

dkblackhawk503111d ago

4 GTX cards, all overclocked. Behold the power of the beast! :D

mmoracerules3111d ago

8 ATI 5870x2's if it is even possible.
Imagine how cold it has to be lol.

mmoracerules3111d ago

It is! I love teh green bike, imagine, riding on your PC and having it wherever you are.