Why the Microsoft Kinect and the Playstation Move are doomed to fail

In order to see why the Microsoft Kinect and the Playstation Move are doomed to fail, we have to understand why the Nintendo Wii was a success. In order to do this, I’m using the framework provided by Clayton M. Christensen in is book The Innovator’s Dilemma.

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SeanRL3110d ago

Before people start trolling the article, read the whole thing through, it actually brings up some good points. Personally I'll be getting move and I'd love to get kinect but I'm waiting so see if it get's more hardcore games.

darkcharizard3109d ago

Yeah, its a good article. However, Kinect will fail, but Move won't.

commodore643109d ago

Yeah, its a good article. However, Move will fail, but Kinect won't.

0mega43109d ago

both kinect and move will be profitable.

kinect as an entertainment enhancer for multimedia functions and kinect plus controller games

move as both a causal and hardcore device

Megaman42xX3109d ago

Agreed. I don't care about kinect as a gaming device but as an all around peripheral. I'd like to be able to use it with my computer for whatever it could do. I'd like to use it with my tv so if my remote is ever 3 inches (7.62 cm. for the metric users out there, standard is dumb anyway) too far away that reaching isn't worth it I could swipe up or down to change the channel or left and right to change the volume. I won't be buying it when it comes out but when it can start to do those things.

SilentNegotiator3109d ago

Good to see all of the crystal balls out here tonight.

Everyone knows what will fail and what won't.
Everyone knows exactly how much advertisement will go into each individual peripheral.
Everyone knows exactly what will attract who.

Lots of Ms. Cleos out there.

AAACE53109d ago

Yeah, it's a good article. However... No one gives a f*ck!

Seriously... they will both do whatever they're going to do, and none of our opinions will change any of that!

At the most, there are 5,000 gamers who come to N4G.... That's not anywhere near enough people to make a difference! We just speak out opinion to feel important!

badz1493109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

but to the Kinect defender over here; you guys are defending Kinect based on what actually? so far, M$ has shown nothing on kinect but red balls and lies and not to mention the shortcomings due to the hardware limitations of that thing. I can understand people defending MOVE as it already shows that it's compatible for traditional games we use to play on top of the casual games incoming for it but Kinect? so far, just casual games. don't tell me you guys are already the casual games fans for the longest time because if that's the case, you guys would of been the Wii fanboy, not 360! enlighten me please

Conloles3109d ago

I agree they are both doomed, death to the casualisation of games!

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MmaFanQc3109d ago

did they said

jack_burt0n3109d ago

There was I thinking maybe in these comments ppl will join forces to destroy the article.............instead of each other, and its already a bloodbath lmao

How about they will both succeed.

And bring new users in and advance technology in good ways rather than waggle.

Patricia3109d ago

why would people band together to "destroy" the article? did you read it? you don't seem to get in what ways the article states it will fail. it's very grounded in specific, accurate argument.

jack_burt0n3109d ago


I have read your article, and it does almost sound like your coming from only this generation of gaming.

Sony has already been knee deep in the "wii demographic" they have already enjoyed its benefits and its shortfalls, that being its limited lifespan.

That newly found demographic buying a wii like you would a microwave or household appliance do it once that mixed with the innovation you talked about opened up nintendo to increasing their appeal out of the 5-13 and "cult" following you talked about. Those same people wont buy another one, that is the crucial problem nintendo face, the only way they could justify that is if it was as radical and appealing a change as their sideways innovation with the wii.

That wont even happpen with the 3ds it just does not have the scale thats why you see such a huge "hardcore" lineup for the device because they need the hardcore to buy it as its going to be pricey and not appealing to their sprawling DS consumers.

Sony know their consumers, they dont just know them as gaming consumers they know them as MAJOR format defining consumers who launched dvd into the mainstream and have done the same with bluray.

TBH with you move is an add on and thats its biggest failing and biggest asset, from a technical point of view it does everything wii promised to do and never did. It is cheaper than Wii technology because all the components are mass produced and have been now for close to 4yrs. So if it takes off its a hit if it doesn't then so be it, its essentially the wages of a small R+D team for 5 years and an advertising campaign.

Everything in the manafacturing costs is covered in the dualshock 3, mobile phones and lcd tv's, that imo is genius.

So thats why it cant fail and tbh the generation is not here to be won or lost the only important thing was Bluray succeeding and it has. As that becomes an entertainment standard so does the ps3.

In terms of software suppport, yeah thats an uphill struggle but already the 5 or so development studios i know working on wii software are planning on upscaling and using a simple process to port it to ps3 because its cost effective and a crucial demographic extension in their eyes. And the psn is the perfect place for that.

So no doom here.

Bloodyghost3109d ago

Same. Though I am hoping why I would need either one. The Move so far seems more enticing but why play Killzone and SOCOM without an controller? For Heavy Rain it makes sense but pushing back from the DLC they where making is a stupid decision.

Kinect on the other hand has not make me interested at all.

Only thing that did was Dance Central and Child of Eden.

stragomccloud3109d ago

After playing Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii, I safely say, I would be most interested in Killzone and SOCOM with Move!

hakis863109d ago

articles that has DOOOMED in the title.
So if this Is a good article they should have chosen another word than doomed (which is usually flamebait here on N4G).

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Wizziokid3109d ago

how many articles do we need to have on this subject.

... doomed to fail

Omega43109d ago

It all comes down to the advertising if MS/Sony can appeal to the casuals they will buy it.

Kinect has a much higher chance of succeeding due to the positive press its had with the main stream media (what the casuals keep up with) and the fact that in the eyes of the casuals its someone new and innovative. Kinect has the "wow factor" and thats a key feature that made the Wii and DS so popular. People will be willing to spend $299 to have something motion capture their living room.

Move on the other hand will look like a Wii copycat no matter what Sony does it will look like that to an everyday person. I really don't know what Sony can possibly do to convince people accuracy is important enough to spend $400 rather than $199.

But I'm pretty sure there has been an article with the exact same title before....

-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Though I agree that the casual market is easier to aim for, I still don't know what will happen.

You say Kinect has an easier chance of succeeding, but what does "succeeding" mean? I can't tell what is expected from the companies and fans as "succession". Is there an X amount of units sold that determine success? Or is it based on functionality and support?

I know casuals will eat up Kinect, but will they move away from the Wii? Surely Nintendo wont go down without a fight. I don't mean to pose so many questions, but a lot of articles try to speak in certainties. We can only really speculate and truth be told the motion war can go anywhere. Move and Kinect aren't even on the same playing field, both MS and Sony are going different directions yet people constantly pit them against each other. It's like Killzone vs. Halo. It doesn't make sense. A more suitable comparison is Halo vs. Resistance or Metroid. Even if Move doesn't sell as well or Kinect doesn't have the "core" games, will it matter? In comparison Move may sell less and Kinect may under-perform for the "core" audience, but does that make it any less of a success for gamers? For the company? I don't think MS cares for example that Kinect may not appeal to hardcore gamers. I also don't think Sony cares if Move doesn't outsell Kinect.

If I had to speculate on how Move could fail it'd be this:

The problem with Move being more core is that it will definitely have to rely on the hardcore gamer. And I'm not sure how many hardcore gamers will adopt it. Sure, on the internet we are all excited, but that doesn't translate well overall. Additionally, I too am doubtful casuals will care for Move. Why should they? If precision gaming is more useful for hardcore games, then who cares about the casual games? I haven't seen games like the Archery game differentiate Move from Wii that much, and even if it's more precise for those casual games I don't think casuals care.

As for Kinect, despite being a different style of casual play, will casuals care to upgrade?

However, what's most important is functionality, for me, and that is where Move can really take it. Both these products are add-ons. While Sony's seems to be more important for regular gamers (I can't imagine playing online FPS' with a normal controller if Move users are going to play with it) MS's seems to be more independent of the system.

When next gen arrives I assume Move will be standard. As of now, adding these peripherals this late in the stage, it's anybody's guess.

Zir03109d ago

What you have said does make sense apart from one part I disagree on:

"When next gen arrives I assume Move will be standard."

I really don't see this happening. With MS and Kinect definitely since its just an additional camera in the box, but can you really see Sony releasing every PS4 console with a PSEye 2, Move 2, DS4 and a nav controller? The cost of the PS4 could come to about $700 at launch which would be suicide, and with so many options the average consumer would get confused.

I really think its possible Sony may drop Move altogether if it doesn't really take off, and I'm not talking 3ml sold, more like 15ml and makes the PS3 sell on par with the 360 with Kinect and the Wii. There are just too many components involved.

-Alpha3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I'm pretty sure the costs of the Move controller will go way down by then. Also, I don't think we will need a Move 2 by next gen. The Dualshock has stayed the same at its core for three generations with the exception of SIXAXIS support that has seldom and sparingly been used for a majority of the games.

Honestly, I don't see why Sony wouldn't make it standard by next gen.

The thing with Move and hardcore gaming is that it creates an uneven playing field, especially for online gaming. If I have to play with a DS3 against Move users on Killzone 3 then I will surely have the disadvantage (and incentive to buy Move for myself). Nintendo made their controller standard with Wii, why wouldn't Sony? If motion controls truly is the future then why not? Why stick to an outdated controller if motion controls will be adapted and if it has all the functionality of the normal controller + its own advantages?

It's not as if you can't sit and play like with a normal controller. The worst you will have to do is move your wrist a little.

I don't see why Move should be dropped on the basis that it doesn't sell well. It functions extremely well. If it fails it wont be because of poor functionality. We know for sure that Move performs really well and that it's easy for developers to implement. If there is such a backlash by consumers for Move then I will be quite shocked considering it seems simple to get used to and easier to use.

Sony is pushing Move very hard. It is the result of a lot of work that they have been putting in as evident from as far back as the EyeToy.

I fully trust that Move wont fail as a product. I am doubtful of its sales, yes, but that is a natural skepticism of uncertainty. We should all be mindful that anything can happen, but so long as the media keeps pitting Sony and MS against each other people are going to be comparing and debating

Cerberus21253109d ago

The one think no nobody realizes is that Sony could be using Move as a test for their next-gen console,the PS4 does not have to be $700.00 because Sony will used the same tech from the PS3 with some upgrade,so adding and extra controller or better yet,a redesign Move controller that could better serve both traditional and motion control could be a better option,but this is just my speculation.

Bigpappy3109d ago

You don't know that Move will be an advantage just yet. That has not been played out yet. In fact, that is crucial to the Move success (has to out perform the DS3 in FPS's).

On Kinect: I see success for Kinect, and I have a felling M$ will agree, as it bringing new users to the 36o. It needs to sell a lot of consoles to move it much farther ahead of the PS3 and closer to the Wii is sales. If this success is realized, then M$ will have a unique line-up of exclusive game-types that will give M$ the casual base right in to next gen.

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jlove4life3109d ago

first off where is 400 dollars coming from 39.99 and 29.99 equals about 80 with tax. ok 80*2 people is 160. only if the want navi because most games only need wand which is 45*2 EQUAL 90 DOLLARS TAX INCLUDED. BTW NATAL ONLY CAN ALLOW 2 PEOPLE TO PLAY AND MOVE STILL CAN DO FOUR. ALSO NATAL HAS BE DOWNGRADED TO MEET COST LOOK IT UP ON N4G MOVE PS3 EYE CAM 120FRAMES PER SECOND NATAL 30

Hallmark Moment3109d ago

Most of these articles are really saying: I think Move will get thumped but I can't admit Kinect looks like it will take off big time *but* I can never say that! so it fails along with Move.

Patricia3109d ago

that is not what this article says.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall3109d ago

Maybe they will succeed or maybe they will fail, only time will tell - I don't give a f*** about either one to be honest.

I will say this though, the wii DID NOT became successful because the motion tracking was precise...just saying.

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