Child Of Eden: Tetsuya Mizuguchi Interview

NowGamer interviews Rez and Child of Eden creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi about his new game, gameplay details, the visual style and the use of Kinect.

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Newtype3108d ago

Hes probably the only developer using Kinect right.

EVILDEAD3603108d ago

My Day one Kinect game..The E3 demo on stage looked amazing..can't wait to play on my 65inch HDTV with the surround sound blasting on high..

Eden FTW..


Redempteur3108d ago

Nice interview .. the trailer made me intrested ...and if you look at rez/lumines you already know this will be a pleasant expérience to the hears

Nice thing pointed ; kinect/360 is not the lead platform

Bigpappy3108d ago

The game is a completely different experience using Kinect. You might as well say,a different game.

Apotheosize3108d ago

Arguably the only worthwhile Kinect game.

labwarrior3108d ago

But i will indeed buy it day one just for this game, amazing stuff

Dance3108d ago

kinect looks the most interesting