David Cage: Egocentrism Means Creative Freedom

Quantic Dream's David Cage gave a frank, detailed and typically forthright Heavy Rain postmortem at GDC Europe today, speaking with humour about the unique challenges involved in its production and his relationship with marketing and censorship. Covering the process of making the game from inception to post-release reception, he sent the audience away with two main ideas: ignore the rules, and don't listen to too much advice.

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NYC_Gamer3107d ago

the industry is lacking because of publishers/devs bein scared to take huge risk like quantic dream.....

djreplay3107d ago

.....or as i like to call him.....Caagggeeee David
UK people will get the joke

Cerberus21253107d ago

The game industry needs more people like David Cage,creative and artistic people who are not afraid to provide gamers with games that dare not only to be different,but also provide new experiences to matures gamers who can value greatness and creativity.

Nike3107d ago

I didn't enjoy Heavy Rain much but I'll give him credit where it's due with his creation selling 1.5 million copies. Takes a lot of guts and yes, ego to believe in and push through your creation with as much zeal as Cage did (check out his past IGN blog posts about how the creation of the game was an "obsession" for him that ate into his sleep and took him away from his family).