Lost Planet 2 PC minimum specs

Capcom has released a chart showing the minimum specs required to run Lost Planet 2 on PC.

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jay23109d ago

Oh my God, this still hasn't come out on PC? oh ok I didn't know that.

Letros3109d ago

Will be picking this up on PC for sure, held off on the console versions after hearing about all the framerate & control issues it was marked down for.

HammockGames3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago ) until it hits sale price on Steam or something like that.

I enjoyed the first Lost Planet, but the second one had some spots that were designed terribly. Frame rate issues & graphical hiccups were one complaint, but there are spots that reek of plain bad game design. Look at a review of the original LP and you'll see a lot of the problems carried over from the first - like there was no effort to improve upon it.

IMHO, it still had some good moments and is worth buying at some point, but not enough to justify the full purchase price (especially if Capcom aims for the $60 release point). You can pluck the 360 or PS3 versions off Amazon for around $35, which is more in line with the quality that you'll probably get.

One of the patches improved some of the above problems, but LP2 still doesn't fulfill the promise it had.

Ironically, the controls I really didn't mind, but a lot of gamers didn't care for that either.

The online MP was supposed to be the highpoint for LP2 - and I think a lot of people did enjoy that (if that's more your cup of tea than the SP campaign).

HeroXIV3109d ago

Do you know what's ironic? I never have to look at PC specs. I always know I can run it. And I'm using hardware made in late 2008. But the main arguement of why people don't game on PC is "you have to upgrade every month".

mrcash3109d ago

You don't have to upgrade everymonth, as long as you invest in something decent from the beginning. I should be able to run just about everything,but my cpu sucks.

8800gtx3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

We know :( i am a living example.


Darkfiber3109d ago

I know what you mean. I built my PC in the summer of 2008 and I've never played a game that I can't run on max settings, and I paid less than $1000 for it over all, which is nothing compared to how much PCs used to be. You used to have to pay like over $2000 to just get some crappy home office PC run shit 12 or so years ago. And sure, to console kids, $1000 may seem like a lot to play games, but it's not as though that's the only thing I use it's a computer, I do everything on it anyway. Crappy office computers are like $500-700 to begin with and everyone has one of those, might as well throw in a few hundred more get some upgraded parts so you can play games. Consoles cost $300 anyway. And for every PC game you buy, you save $10 off the console price, so after 30 games you've already paid off the extra investment.

The only reason people say you have to upgrade every month is because there is always new hardware coming out, and every now and then you'll come across some rich freak with triple 480s and 32gb of ram with a liquid cooling system who has to have every new bit of hardware that comes out so they can squeeze out an extra 1% performance that isn't even visible to the naked eye. Do you need that stuff to run every game that comes out? Certainly not. You can run Lost Planet 2 on a $600 machine at max settings if you're smart with the parts and don't pick up some piece of shit paper weight at Best Buy, which you'd probably end up spending more for.

Mmmkay3109d ago

meh.. this game sucked several months ago.. enjoy another late pc release....

da305kratos3109d ago

u sound like a hater and a kid...thankfully for myself i work and have a PS3 and a Gaming PC :)

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Active Reload3109d ago

This is a very beautiful game. The controls are somewhat annoying though...

STONEY43109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

They're so stupid for putting mouse and keyboard as minimum then gaming pad as RECOMMENDED. Really Capcom? One of the main problems with the game was the poor controls, and you're recommending people to use them.

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