Heavy Rain Shifts 1.5 Million Units

David Cage is a happy man as Heavy Rain has smashed predicted sales figures and has reached 1.5 million units shifted. He also hopes the game will pass the 2 million sales barrier by the end of the year.

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Cloudberry4669d ago

My older brother just got his new PS3 Slim + Final Fantasy XIII, God Of War 3, & Heavy Rain.

He's totally blown away by this game.


Hellsvacancy4669d ago

And 2 thumbs up 4 your older brother

n4gno4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Really great !

and don't forget the competition and choice was huge at this time (unlike alan drake : just for the pathetic trolls who are talking of "failure" for 1.5M, poor uneducated brainless xbox fanboyz)

new multiple account : cyber_crysis

Redempteur4669d ago

why didn't you tell him to buy yakuza 3 as well ...??

Cloudberry4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

We could switch / borrow games on each other to save money, lol.

specialguest4669d ago

Those are really good sales numbers for a new IP and game genre. This was one of those games that had the potential to flop in sales due to the nature of being a unique game.

chazjamie4669d ago

no its not, its a every way u look at it. even for this so called "avant-garde" game, its not much.

DarkTower8054669d ago

That's definately not a bad lineup to break in a PS3. Might I suggest the Uncharted series next.

Denethor_II4669d ago

Your older brother sounds like a smart guy, also can I borrow your Yakuza 3.

NY_Pride4668d ago

You need to get UC1 & UC2 next. Well worth the $$$ with high replay value. Congrats on being a PS3 family. :)

multips3fan4668d ago

heavy rain was the game that made me be a ps3 fanboy lol and uncharted 2.i just loved the quality of games that sony brings.

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fedex6824669d ago

This game is a totally unique experience! I bought it day 1 and will never trade in my copy of the game. It is one for my collection!

Come on Quantic dreams, announce horizon now!

NeoBasch4669d ago

I should dig through my history and find that prediction I made about Heavy Rain shifting two million copies within a year of release. I can't believe how many disagreed with me at the time. I bet they're all eating foot now. I bought mine day one, and I'll be there day one for Horizon as well.

kanedaakira4668d ago

What is this Horizon you speak of? Have I missed something? Is this QD's new game?

Persistantthug4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

But I do intend on getting this game.

But since this game comes with so much trolliage on N4G....I hope this game comes with a free bucket of complimentary popcorn. :)

Karum4669d ago

Hope you get back into work soon mate, I was made redundant last year too and it's not fun, but am back in work so I'm lucky.

And yeah man when you get back on your feet, Heavy Rain is definitely worth a buy.

chidori6664669d ago

Natsu X [email protected]

alan wake not will reached in mark of 1.0 m life time...

mark my words.

Persistantthug4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Without even looking, I would bet my car (2007 Mustang GT) against your car that Alan Wake has hit at least half a million units now....the game is only about 3 months old.

I'm a hardcore PS3 fan, but if you are going to troll helghan666, do it responsibly and with reasonability, please...otherwise you become a blight to the PS3 community, in general.

I won't take your bubbles though...just try to do better please.

TotalPS3Fanboy4669d ago

Even with the promotional price drops and discounts, no one is willing to buy it. They still think it is not worth it.

You hear this about Alan Wake all the time: "I'll just rent it later."

jeeves864668d ago

I love Alan Wake, but I can see why a lot of people wouldn't want to buy it. It's a fun game, but once you've played through it, there's no real reason to return to it. There's no multiplayer, and in all honesty, the story, characters and experience aren't anything spectacular. Even the DLC doesn't bring a whole lot of new material.

It sucks. A multiplayer co-op would have at least extended the replay value......

Persistantthug4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

Alan Wake has already moved 2/3 of a million units and the game is only 3 months old.

by the time the game hits its 1 year anniversary it will have easily eclipsed 1 million....That's beyond logic that's common sense.

And if anyone is trying to hang their hat on some "regional" number, let me remind you that this whole HEAVY RAIN article of 1.5 million is predicated on a WORLDWIDE number.

I'm a hardcore PS3 fan, but I cannot stand for predictions of lunacy or crazy off the wall opinions.
Trying to claim Alan Wake wont hit 1 million at a 3 month period when it's already 2/3 of the way there is pretty stupid, I don't care which console you back.

Lets try to keep with the common sense...that's all. ok. :)

jeeves864667d ago

How many of those copies are sitting as used games at Gamestop or EB games right now? Remedy and MS don't make money on used game sales which is what someone who is iffy on the idea will buy.

People were disappointed by it due to how much time it had taken to make and how much had been scrapped from it. I own and thoroughly enjoy both of these games and to be honest, I got more bang for my buck on HR than I did on AW in replay value alone....

Not to mention that people now read reviews of other users rather than just in magazines, a lot of user-reviews say the same thing unfortunately. AW will top 1 million, but not much beyond that unless the DLC the writer is absolutely fantastic.

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