Hydrophobia Preview (RunDLC)

Hydrophobia protagonist Kate Wilson and I both share a fear of water, but at least I’m smart enough not to work on a city-sized boat in the middle of the ocean. Then again, I don’t live during a time when the Earth has become overpopulated to the extent that folks who hate water need to live on ships. That small detail aside, she’s a bigger person than I am because she’s willing to face her fear head on in the most extreme circumstances, whereas I refuse to go scuba diving on vacation. That, dear reader, is a hero I can get behind.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Smiling5353107d ago

I'm big into water in video as well, so it's too of my fav special effects in one game. Can't wait.

Buff10443107d ago

Same here. Each game that has water becomes instantly fascinating to me. Just like to walk around in it and see how it reacts. The Uncharted series has excellent water...and I like how the characters' clothes get wet when they come out. It's a neat effect.