EA Responds To Criticism Over Its Taliban Mode In MOH

Electronic Arts has responded to criticism over its decision to allow gamers to play as the Taliban in Medal of Honour by telling IncGamers that players will not be “shocked or surprised by this”.

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Aznreddneck813110d ago

Whats the big deal you play Nazis in COD World at War Terrorists in Modern Warfare. Its just a game. I hate how people make a big deal about nothin.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3110d ago


That's hardly the point. I know you couldnt care less about it but thats probably because you havent been directly hurt by the Taliban. I think ppl need to stop whining about other ppl's decisions not to want to play as a terrorist group. There are ppl who've lost loved ones, lost homes, and lost a feeling of security thx to those guys so it follows that they wouldn't want to have anything to do with them even if it is a game. Instead of bashing them, understand where they are coming from. And if you cant do that at least be decent enough to respect their opinion as you would want the same thing.

Dorjan3110d ago

but then surely they just "dont play as them"...

like people who was directly effected by wwii, you know.. like everyone? WHo decide in games, "you know what, i don't want to kill americans as a nazi so I wont play as them". Easy enough to stay on the other side.

chidori6663110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

meh i prefer al quaeda than this boring americans...

sam22363110d ago

"The fact that they've already done games about World War 2... that's far removed from our current history, people aren't dying in World War 2 any more."

So it's A-OK to shoot up US soldiers in WW2 because it's not our time period/based on current events?

What an ignorant dumbfuck. I'm glad EA doesn't give a crap.

sam22363109d ago

@Disagrees: Grow the hell up. There's nothing to disagree with here.

HelghastKid3109d ago

“Nobody who plays videogames is going to be shocked or surprised by this.”

Lmao owned that mom