More Than Ten Minutes of Pure PlayStation Move Footage

Two new videos emerged, showing unseen PlayStation Move gameplay footage.

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mightydog013107d ago

I'm sure the first video was altered when he said there was a little lag?....Cant trust these videos with what happened to gt5 video which was altered?

cliffbo3107d ago

it was slowed down to show there was lag. but the fact it had to be slowed down shows just how minute that lag is, Christ, even if you speeded up Kinect games you'd see the lag

deadreckoning6663107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

And once again with the Kinect comparisions. facepalm/ There always has to be someone to mention Kinect in a Move article...and then when someone calls them out they justify themselves by saying that Move is always mentioned in Kinect articles. Grow up people.

Move has already looks to be a fantastic product on its own..theres no need to put down Kinect in order to make Move look better(this is the way of the fanboy).

"PS Move shows some signs of lag"

"Bu bu bu bu bu Kinectz got MO lag"

What are u preschool??

"Let them have their fun."

Thats the thing. When the PS3 fanboys bash Kinect(a product that isn't even marketed towards them) there said to only be "having fun". Yet, when the 360 fanboys bash the Move..there called "idiots" and "retards". Both groups are complete ignoramuses in my eyes, but a little balance on this site would be good for everyone.

Its one big double standard. Its more accepted on this site to bash Kinect than it is to bash Move. And heres the kicker.. I guarantee that 90 - 95% of the people who bash either Move or Kinect haven't played either :)

SeanRL3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Let them have their fun.

I love how after swatting virtual bugs for a minute the one guy is winded.

Edit: All the fanboys on this site are retarded, I wasn't specifically talking about one group.

cliffbo3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

deadreckon, i think ME was great and Gears was too, i think MS marketing is better than Sony's, but i can't think of anything good to say about Kinect because it's the biggest con in gaming history. when lag is the issue, drawing a conclusion from both is inevitable

edit: Psfan got disagrees for saying that!!?? lol oh boy

D4RkNIKON3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I just love how there is all this Move footage out there and none of it ends up on Youtube as fail videos unlike.. Kinect

Here are two links to youtube searches. The first is

"Playstation Move Fail"

"Kinect Fail"

Theonik3107d ago

It's the same guy that made the apocalyPS3 panic video. He made an RROD video as well. xD - RROD - ApocalyPS3
Found these from your top search link.

MicroSony4Life3107d ago

Move looks fantastic and it is looking to be a serius contender for my money.

KingME3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

He gave the party game 5 stars, are these guys easily impressed or what.

I hope there are more titles coming at launch for move, because all of the titles that they demoed were LAME. Talking about shovel ware; that stuff was pure crap.

I wish they would show some videos of these hardcore games that are suppose to be move compatable. Let's see resident evil, and something other than this shovel ware.

Sony also needs to release a move bundle for people that already has the PS-Eye, perhaps Move with Nav Controller instead of camera.

SilentNegotiator3107d ago

They're talking about the competition? Boo hoo hoo.

Admit it, you're just mad that they're taking shots at Kinect, an Xbox 360 peripheral.

nycredude3107d ago


And once again Dead to the rescue. You are getting soooo predictable man. What are you the ambassador of MS and the anti-Ps3 fanboy or something? Why not compare the two? They are in direct competition with each other. When you shop for a car don't you compare it to other makes and models and other brands?

BloodyNapkin3107d ago

So what happens if there is more than 2 people playing does it triple and quadruple the input lag? That is a major concern for me.

Biggest3107d ago

As a reply to cliffbo: "Kinect because it's the biggest con in gaming history"

Let's not forget about this gem:

It's something lots of gamers have been waiting for.

sikbeta3107d ago


Hey dude, why you care anyway, some dudes here keep defending kinect like if it's perfect and when someone try to prove them wrong, they throw the "upcoming" sales [?], it makes you understand that they don't care about motion-controls or the such, they just want MS to "win", but hell, kinect or any peripheral are not the "option" to make them believe their console manufacturer can "win"

Dee_913107d ago

gtfo of your dream world were nobody is allowed to compare shit
itl be diff if they werent both motion control

0mega43106d ago

the potential of the move is incredible.

many may see it as nothing more than a wii port.
but with the right developers this thing could really shine.

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BrianB3107d ago


we all know its gonna bomb like most PS products

19423107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

yeah sony needs to learn how to make a good product because a console that has a 55% failure rate,the zune, laggy kinect and vista are garbage.... oh wait.

JoeReno3107d ago

Thanks for your contrabution to this topic I dont know what we would have done with out your input..


MmaFanQc3107d ago

all they did was add a link you youtube videos i already saw

Sony3603106d ago (Edited 3106d ago )

Wii + in HD.

"Kinect just reinvented the wheel"

I guess that's better than just copying it. Show me something major that move does that Wii + can't.

MysticStrummer3106d ago

Real games and precision. There... two major things that neither Wii nor Kinect can do.

Sony3603105d ago

So "precision" that was coined with Wii + and "real games".

Like I said, nothing new.

Shepherd 2143106d ago

I dont see how move is much better than Kinect except to say that i havent seen the games that Move will support yet.

Im not much for any of this motion control stuff anyway.

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ActionBastard3107d ago

Move has already proved to me it's worth the price for admission.

Wizziokid3107d ago

I'm not convinced I'm just going to stick with the good old remote.


Start the Party had 6 out of 5.

Reviewing Demos?

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