Samus Aran of the Metroid series character investigation

Lesbian Gamers: Samus Aran is iconic enough that I doubt I really need to go into the back story of the bounty hunter who doesn’t actually do much bounty hunting or really explain too in depth the various events of the game. The most astonishing and wonderful thing about Samus was how she was originally conceived and not necessarily how she was presented.

Samus’s original design was not that of a sex symbol or even really a normal woman who kicked ass. By all means, the 6′3″ (1.9m) tall character had a very realistic weight about her at 198lbs (90kg). She was meant to be far beyond the average, and at weighing so much, it’s obvious she was at least thought of to be very muscular. This was probably most obvious in her Super Metroid ending where she clearly has well defined muscles…. And 80’s hair.

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