PS3Vault: Will games evolve to works of “true art”?

Are games art? The video game media has struggled to adequately answer this question, often stuffing their articles with bias assumptions and a complete disregard for factual research. In many ways the game industry is still in an infancy stage, especially when it comes to regarding games as a legitimate form of art. Many of you over the course of this article will no doubt disagree with my opinions, and that’s fine, however I encourage you to keep an open mind.

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clarick013108d ago

good to see something with a developer's perspective.

Raines of Onyx3108d ago

Valind point to make I hope people read

xyxzor3108d ago

Glad you guys like the article ;)

Raines of Onyx3108d ago

It has a good point and is well written. I like where your going with it.

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