Stylish New Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Screenshots

Namco Bandai released new screenshots of their upcoming Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 that is scheduled for release this Fall on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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ShadyDevil3114d ago

At least they seem to be getting away from the kiddie like nature of the series and going to a more mature route.

seij5553114d ago

The series has actually never been kiddie like.

RedDead3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

It's somewhere in the middle imo. A normal parent would complain about the nude, bad language and blood/dismemberment. But still kids would love it.

Edit--Oh and it's certainly for an older audiance than Pokemon, digimon and all that other stuff.

I dunno about masterpiece, although I agree if it was done in an older format such as movies or books instead of anime/manga, people everywhere would eat it up.

It has mature themes in it anyway, Sasuke's story was a surprise to me, I didn't think the show would turn into something hat complicated where it actually uses anti heroes and deceit from the "good" guys, the. It still has your regular bad guys and good guys but it has alot of people in between such as SPOILER--------------)()()()(I tAchIAndDanZO)))))) )

Yi-Long3113d ago

... is because of the form the story comes in; Anime (& manga).

If the same story was told in literature, it would be considered an epic masterpiece.

rezzah3113d ago

Naruto does have its "kiddie" like parts, but there are parts where some might consider it to be a little too much for kids. The psychopathic characters, they love to kill. the fights, Pain's pain. Naruto is not confined to the levels of Pokemon.

despair3113d ago

it has its serious moments but compared to many other anime/manga its one of the lighter ones, its not childish just not dark all the time, though there are some very serious themes played out.

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Optical_Matrix3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Noob. Naruto has never been a "kiddie" series. Especially in part 2 of the manga where it takes a darker turn. The bad language, nudity and gore/dismemberment/blood would definitely get some parents complaining about it. The series also contains some very mature themes and at the moment theres no way little kids could digest the story and its themes properly and get the full meaning/enjoyment out of the series. But obviously, your just one of those noobs basing your opinion on the heavily censored, dubbed anime rather than one who reads the manga, the original source material. Anyone who calls Naruto "kiddie" is just an idiot. End of story.

OT: The game looks so good. Really can't wait for this :O Killerbee will be a joy to use I think. As will Minato, on this godly engine.

EDIT: Yi-Long...well people are stupid. Manga is for all ages. Western people need to stop their ignorance. Anime/Manga isn't the same as Cartoon/Comics over here. There's anime and manga for all ages and walks of life. There's tonnes of kids anime/manga, manga for business men, manga for old people, manga for adults, manga for chefs. Naruto manga is for older teenagers/adults although the anime is toned down a bit from the manga so I'd say pre-teen-older teenagers for the anime.

Yi-Long3113d ago

... Ow, I know manga is for all ages. Sadly, most people just see a drawn story or a cartoon, and automatically assume it's for kids... (can't spell 'assume' without 'ass', which is probably where their head is...)

Personally, I absolutely LOVE Naruto. I've been reading the manga from the very beginning all over again, and I'm now at 'pocket' 40 or 41 or something. It's just a fantastic story.

Haven't been watching the anime anymore though. I prefer the manga, cause the anime has those horrible fillers, plus the quality of the animation is too inconsistent.

However, I probably also enjoy 'kiddie' shows. TBH, I never really care much about what other people think about what I like and don't like. As long as I enjoy something, I'll be ok.

It's usually only the sad and immature people who go around teling others what they can and can't like.

Narutodemonx3113d ago

i understand that your trying to defend naruto in all but no need to exaggerate " Nudity" wtf what the fuck have you been reading hentai. Naruto is my favorite manga and anime but no need to say shit like that dismemberment hardly any. the only nudity i would consider is when naruto was watching hinata train in the waterfall which didnt show any tits

Gabe EatsWell3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I'm loving Lars' look in this game. He does look like a Naruto character with that costume.

kanetheking3113d ago

naruto that why hes in the game i think.

Punch-o3113d ago

Whats funny is i always thought Naruto was some stupid kid crap.I was wrong since i have Hulu plus on the PS3 i start watching it.I haven't watch cable in almost 2 weeks watching Naruto.Right now im watching season 3 Sasuke pissing me

Can't wait for the game.

FiftyFourPointTwo3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Season 3 of what, part 1 or part 2(Shippuden)? Man, you have a LOT of catching up to do. lol

Punch-o3113d ago

Im at the part where Sasuke is looking for Orochimaru to become stronger.

Sasuke really Orochimaru? of all people.

Punch-o3113d ago

Well a little past that Naruto and the gang looking for Sasuke fighting sound village guys.

RedDead3113d ago

The part your at is pretty class,

tip-when your finished that arc. skip to episode 220, watch it. And then start shippuden

raWfodog3113d ago

No, don't skip. Why do people want to skip fillers. Sure, it's not part of the manga but as a Naruto fan, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by missing any of the episodes. I think the fillers help to flesh out Naruto and the gang's characters even more.

RedDead3113d ago

I hated the fillers from after Sasuke retrieval arc. there was only about 10 good eps, then it just kept repeating itself about the will of fire for every single one. I got so bored, I didn't even know there was fillers back then, I was expecting the story to progress and it doesn't at all.

webeblazing3113d ago

read all the manga waiting on the new ones. they doing this at the right timing the farther you get in the manga the darker it get i wish the anime would of stayed to dat nature but its still good. this game look hott.

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El-Fenemeno12133113d ago

so you got invited into hulu plus =O. i was the same way though, didn't really see nothing special about, but gave it a chance by force lol

Senden3113d ago

If you think Sasuke is annoying now, wait until the next anime story arc...

Anyhow... who the fuff is this guy ? Is that the guy from tekken? I don't remember seeing him in the anime.

FiftyFourPointTwo3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Yep, thats Lars Alexandersson from T6. Masashi Kishimoto (creator of Naruto) himself designed that outfit. He didnt appear in the anime, hes just a bonus character in UNS2.

Kiriel3113d ago

Almost all of those shots are from June.

Gabe EatsWell3113d ago

People will believe you if you provide a link. -__-'

El-Fenemeno12133113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I could second that, i would try and get a link, but that wouldn't stop me from get disagreed

akatuski pics of hidan, sasuke, and kakuzu:

On another note, i'm actually excited for this game lol

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