PS3 GRAW2 Hands-on & Progress Report

First and third-person shooters often feel a little less responsive on the PS3's SIXAXIS than on the 360's controller, but it seems Ubisoft has tweaked the controls very well. Despite logging upwards of twenty hours with the Xbox 360 game, Pro-G found no issues with the SIXAXIS controls. The motion control additions are another matter, but they're best saved for the review later this month. Hopefully they will have been tightened up a little by then as at the moment they're best ignored.

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ChanDangle4088d ago

Gonna have to pick this one up since I didn't with the 360, 14 additional maps and new weapons. Sweet.

Razzy4088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

I downloaded the demo from the PSN and I gotta say it was great:). Definitely left me wanting more. I'll be picking up this game when it releases later in the month.

Daytona4088d ago

The maps aren't new, we had them as DLC about 30 days after the game was released, there basically GRAW 1 maps, but there all incredible to play online. This game is one of my top 5 fav's for the Xbox 360.

All ps3 fans should buy it if you even sorta think you might like it, b/c you will! The online are quite addictive.

Hatchetforce4088d ago

True but there are 8 additional weapons and 2 new MP modes that never made it to the 360. Owning the 360 version I have looked at other levels not in the PS3 demo and the graphical differences between the two versions is very noticeable.

ben hates you4088d ago

will definetly be better on the ps3, but the only problem i've had with these games is the stories are kind of bland

timmyp534088d ago (Edited 4088d ago )

and extra maps kool
i like the motion controls very responsive when you get the hang of it
Thrusting controller forward while running- Dive on floor (Easy)
While running flick controller back-slide into a crouched position(easy)
Flick controller up when crouched walking- to stand up and run (easy)
Pull the controller to either side when running- To roll (difficult , i hope they fixed that one up)

but i actually like it and it feels kool.. nice port too =)