6 Western Themes in Non-Western Games

Wild West Week comes to a close at CFD! with this final piece, wherein Nate Andrews explores the appearance of common Western themes in places you might not expect:

"Over the last couple days we’ve written about the ins and outs of games that more or less fall into the Western genre. To wrap up our old-timey week of content, we’ll be focusing instead on non-Western games that happen to feature characteristics, values, and themes commonly associated with the genre in question."

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Darkstorn3109d ago

How is 'community' a Western theme? Western culture is supposed to be far more individualistic than Eastern culture, so I think the author's got it backwards.

ShadowPraxis3109d ago

I think you're confusing you issues, sir. We're not talking Western vs. Eastern as in North American vs. Asian. The Western being referred to is the Old West - cowboys and indians, cattle rustlers, that sort of thing.

Eastern (read: Asian) culture was never a part of the discussion to begin with.

DevilsJoker3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

It's a very misleading title. I thought it meant western as in... Western society. I probably wouldn't think so unless you hadn't said 'Non-western' when have i ever heard anything referred to as that when talking about the wild west? Never. That coupled with the fact that the picture is MGS, a non western game which is all about western themes like the cold war and patriotism.
I think the fact everyone is getting confused shows it might just be a flaw in your wording and presentation.

ShadowPraxis3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )


A couple of things to note. First, it's been part of an ongoing week of themed content on the site. Even if you haven't visited us before, I would have assumed the Western-themed logo banner on the site, the abundance of Western-related pieces in the featured slots at the top as well as the fact that the very first words posted above were "Wild West Week" would have been clues to that effect. I've never heard the term "Wild West" used to refer to games from the West as opposed those set in the Old West.

Still, I'm sorry you were confused by the title. No intentional misleading was meant. As far as wording and presentation goes, however, I didn't write the piece.

I suppose the biggest problem was assuming people would take the piece in context as opposed to just grabbing the title and running with that, which it seems that not only many here, but also some who commented on the site did as well. *Shrug* Nothing much I can do about that, sadly.

DORMIN3109d ago

No Wild Arms mention makes no sense with that title.

ShadowPraxis3109d ago

It really does help if you read more than just the title. He's referring to games with NO Old West elements in them using themes and tropes that are common in Westerns. Wild Arms' Old West elements were pretty obvious. It was a last second omission from our Weird West feature earlier in the week.

e-p-ayeaH3108d ago

Darkwatch wasnt a non western game? it was made by capcom so i presume it isnt right?

BannedForNineYears3109d ago

Lol, Ocelot was such a great character.
His six shooter was the best gun evarrrrr.
*According to him.

3109d ago