Soundtrack Spotlight: Wild West Week

CFD!'s Nate Andrews contributes yet again to Wild West Week, with a Western themed edition of Soundtrack Spotlight:

"(Soundtrack Spotlight is a weekly CFD! feature devoted to all things VGM. Every week we celebrate the best in game music, highlight new releases and forgotten tracks, and bring you the best in auditory awesomeness.)

"Though we’ve seen a bit of this type of music already, with cuts from Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption, as part of CFD!’s Wild West Week this Soundtrack Spotlight highlights even more of the best pieces in the genre from a variety of games. So wet your whistle, limber up your whippin’ arm, and practice your Morricone, because it’s time once again to ride into the wild blue yonder that is Western video game music."

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tigresa3106d ago

Good mix of picks - some obvious and some not so obvious, but goodies. <3

ShadowPraxis3105d ago

People should also check out the previous Soundtrack Spotlight we did on Red Dead (which is linked in the first paragraph on the site) for more excellent Western tunes as well.

I do have to agree though that I was surprised at some of the ones he dredged up. Some games I'd forgotten about and a few I'd never even heard of.

3105d ago