The 5 most ridiculous Nintendo controversies

Nintendo sued because Donkey Kong looks like King Kong, for getting hand blisters while playing Mario Party or because flying Wii Remotes are more dangerous than anybody thought. Nintendo had some ridiculous lawsuits coming their way. Check out the Top five of them. But watch out and read at your own risk - epilepsy warnings inside!

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Miroque3106d ago

The hand issues look evil XD

SilentNegotiator3105d ago

babelfish is even worse than google translate. I can barely tell what the heck they're saying.

ReservoirDog3163105d ago

Haha, still though. This is probably the funniest article I ever read. I makes no sense whatsoever.

portablegaming3106d ago

Lol sued because someone thinks he was pulled of by a Pokémon. People have serious issues...

Sorano3106d ago

The King Kong law suit is epic!

Quadrix3105d ago

It was one of Nintendo's greatest moments. They were still a very small company at the time, and they were going up against a juggernaut; Universal Studios. By totally pwning Universal, Nintendo became an inspiration to all small businesses.

franktheprankreturns3106d ago

I would like to know how much money was in the "game".

Blackfire_x83105d ago

I wont lie, i'm struggling to make the article out at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.