Blatant Insubordination: What I Want To See In Arkham City

Rob of Blatant Insibordination: As a Batman fan, these are the things I’m hoping to see during my visit to Arkham City.

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jaredhart3109d ago

Not a bad list. Glad you didn't bring up Robin. I haven't been following enough to know if he will be in the game, but if he is I hope he's at least 16 and doesn wear yellow and green.

uhaul3109d ago

F Robin! This game will be awesome.

SupaGamer3109d ago

weak list. Couldn't come up with 5 more?

Kingdom Come3108d ago

To be a Gritty, Mature, Dark view on the Dark knights world, If Co-op is to be added, I would expect it to still allow for tactics in approaching missions, and to keep the dark, mature feeling, we need a second character of decent experience and a mature personality...NightWing.

monkeybizz3108d ago

maybe not robin, but nightwing cameo would be cool. Just watched "under the red hood" last night :D

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