OXM UK: Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Preview

OXM UK writes: "Need for Speed has had more overhauls than we've had hot dinners. Every year we're promised a 'new direction' for the racing series, and every year the final product turns out to be not quite the revolution we were promised. But Hot Pursuit is genuinely different to what's gone before.

This time, the Burnout Paradise team at Criterion has been drafted in to rescue the flagging franchise, and what we've seen of the results so far has been extremely impressive."

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SuperSaiyan43109d ago

Shame they couldn't give us an idea what kind of score they think the game will get based on the preview of the game just to give us all an idea.

DelbertGrady3109d ago

Who cares what score they will give it? It's made by Criterion, gods of automotive games. It will be good, oh yes, it will be good.

moparful993108d ago

"gods of automotive games." Ehh Thats a stretch, they are the gods of automotive arcade action. I think your title goes to none other then the gear heads over at polyphony digital..

krishnabloodsoul53109d ago

most wanted was really the last good game...

SpitFireAce853108d ago

I loved the old Hot Pursuit games this one should be even

PS.Must feed the pig to many great games.. in Nov at least
3 games i need to get.

plenty a tool3108d ago

game is not only looking impressive, its being made by criterion. one of my most anticipated games in 2010

Projekt7tuning3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

A little off topic. But that Porsche GT3 RS, in that color, Is pure hotness to me. (My opinion.)
I have seen one in person at the Rolex 24hr this year, Same color and all and it is stunning in person.
I know it's ONLY a GT3 RS(YEA ONLY) and there are cars that are technically better on paper. But if someone gave me a car and they stipulated that I had to keep the car and could not sell it. That may be the one, Especially for track days. That's the whole point of that car, its a pure drivers car. 8,400 RPM Flat 6, No computer nannies. You can turn them completely off. No PDK or duel clutch. Just pure mechanical sweetness and a true work of art gearbox, with the ability to custom tailor your gear ratios. That's sexy. Most new cars like the R35 GTR and Audi R8 are bad ass, but they do so much driving for you with all their electronic aids.
Off topic I guess, But that picture of the the GT3 RS just makes me drool.

bigboss9113108d ago

Heck yeah! Porsche is the best. The new Gt2 rs is amazing as well. it got a really good run on the nurburgring at 7m 18s.
Porsche has been my favorite brand of cars since i was 4 years old. My pic is actually one that i owned recently. It was a 1978 911 sc. I sold it last year and plan on finding a 2000 Carrera next. I just love the look of the 996.

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