Mafia 2 PhysX demo benchmark comparison screens and video

Server compares Mafia 2 demo with and without PhysX on medium details running a benchmark on Asus G51Jx laptop. It shows some strange dissimilarity during the benchmark like people in different positions and postures or completely missing objects. Moreover Mafia 2 with PhysX turned on doesn't look so cool like Batman: Arkham Asylum or Mirror's Edge with PhysX. Check out the screens and download a comparison video.

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toaster3111d ago

I run 9800GTX in SLI and with Physx @ 1920x1200 4xAA it takes all those precious frames and crushes my hopes of playing at a stable framerate. Game still looks amazing though, I'm really looking forward to the final product. I'll have my 460s by then.

Nasseh3111d ago

I'm wondering, will I be able to enable physx with an ATI 5800 series card and a GTX 275 in the same machine? I've been doing some searching and it looked like Nvidia had blocked that feature... but then unblocked it...

If anyone has a clear answer that would be great.

crck3111d ago

257.15 beta driver will let you do it for sure. But I don't know if later beta drivers re-enabled the lock out or if Mafia 2 will even work with the physx version included in that beta driver. Official driver releases still lock out ati cards for sure. Seems like a lot of hassle to me. If you want physx why not just sell both those cards and get a gtx 480. The simple solution is usually the best solution.

3111d ago
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