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Achievements Killed My Dog

Where is the sense of achievement in most achievements? Have attention spans plummeted to such a degree that the average gamer needs the Pavlovian reward of an achievement for just completing a level? My auntie’s half-blind cat could complete the first level of most games.

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Community3142d ago
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SeanRL3143d ago

I find that achievements and trophies are a stupid waste of time. They give you nothing in game. You just get a stupid little virtual trophy saying that you wasted your time.

ingiomar3143d ago

Achievements and Trophies are nice if they don't consume to much of your time..

Im talking to you Gears of war

mushroomwig3143d ago


That's the catch 22 problem, you don't want trophies/achievements to take up too much of your time, but at the same time if they didn't take up too much effort/time then it's hardly an achievement.

Red_Orange_Juice3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I like trophies, but I rarely platinum games. Mostly I end up with 60-80% and I'm okey with that.

mushroomwig3143d ago

'They give you nothing in-game'

Correction, quite a few games reward you for unlocking trophies, Uncharted 2 offers a multiplayer skin for unlocking the platinum.

Besides, calling them stupid just because you don't like it is pathetic, they're a way of expending the life of your game...if that's considered stupid then you're not really getting the most out of your game lifespan.

EVO-OM3GA3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Sorry but I love achievements I aint an achievemnt hunter like some of my friends but when I am playing a game I like I want to see that 1000 Achievement score or atleast 800-900.

Plus the notification is awsome!

Xbox Live Arcade unlocks you awards
Xbox 360 Games also unlocks awards

Redempteur3142d ago

Well many games unlocks HOME items/furniture as well

poopface13142d ago

I simply play a game, and earn them at the same time. I have no need to collect them and they only add to my experience. I will not play a game I dont enjoy to get them.

The only time I really look at them is when comparing my achievements/trophies to my friends. I think its interesting to see what games you have both played and who completed more if it.

If you see a friend with similar tastes has almost all of the awards for a game that you havent played, you think "hey, I might enjoy that game too."

BldyShdw3142d ago

It makes me feel as if I have fully experienced the game and all that it offers.

Mmmkay3142d ago

You'll get a platinum in Burnout for completing 1/3 of the game....

Alos883142d ago

I like getting plats, but if I'm not having fun then screw that.

Droid Control3142d ago

I long for the days when we played games because we wanted to, because they were good, not because we are collecting a string of insignificant numbers to compete with faceless people across Xbox LIVE.

If only Sony and Microsoft allowed gamers to disable the feature on their respective consoles, then everyone would be happy. But of course, that wil never happen, then Microsoft's attach rate would drop as gamers stop buying crap games to boost gamerscores...

Alos883142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

I long for the days when people didn't make generalizing statements like this. There are still plenty of gamers who play for fun, quit whining and go play the games you are having fun with, you don't need to care about what others are doing.

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The story is too old to be commented.