Kojima hypes insignificant news

"No one can rightly claim that game designer Hideo Kojima is undeserving of praise. His phenomenal work on the Metal Gear Solid franchise demands recognition; however, that doesn't mean we should hang onto his every last word."

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kratos1233107d ago

Was that it Damn im getting sick of these so called annuncment Damn tricked again

FiftyFourPointTwo3107d ago

Anybody else feeling that there will be another Kojima teaser site countdown a week or two before TGS?

52pickup3107d ago

There are far too many hyped announcements and announcements of announcements these days,most fail to deliver.

Alos883107d ago

The title is misleading, he never personally hyped anything, the media did.

Sashamaz3107d ago

Twitter feeds, and announcing pointless things I think that's about enough to call hype.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3107d ago

Kojima did not hyped any news... Queers and jerks did...

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The story is too old to be commented.