Rock Band to cost $199, 360 Not Getting Wireless

"An anonymous Microsoft employee claims Rock Band will in fact cost $199 as has been speculated, and that Xbox 360 owners will not be able to play the game using wireless controllers."

unsunghero285892d ago (Edited 5892d ago )

I'm not a fanboy for MS or Sony here. I thought that the Heavenly Sword Play Magazine 10/10 might be fake, and I think that this might be fake, too.

Right, fanboys, think about that as you try to tear eachother new ones.

Also, why is this in the Wii section?

@ below
Oops, my bad. Heh. Thought it was 360/PS3 exclusive...

zantetsuken5892d ago

"Both PS3 and Wii versions, however, include wireless guitar controllers reports Ars Technica. The game bundle includes guitar, the drum set, and a microphone with the package weighing a hefty 20 pounds."

vickers5005892d ago

Sucks for them if its true.

MarioFromTexas5892d ago

PS3 and 360 version will cost the same, but PS3 will feature bluetooth.....I'll stop there.........Play B3YOND

killercam195892d ago

go fvcking kill urself dumbazs

jay35892d ago

but i don't think it matters if it's wireless of not.

Well, as long as the wire isn't like 3 inches long.

MarioFromTexas5891d ago

and PS3 you can use your cell phone bluetooth for free...PS3 you get everything in one box, 360 you get nickel and dime and eventually end up paying more...Oh wait,,,,360 is not forcing you to buy it, that's the xbots model....Play B3yond