New Xbox 360 250GB S hacked with video

There is a video of a team claiming fame by hacking the new Xbox 360 250GB S. Click below to read full story...

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RageAgainstTheMShine3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

piracy and modding is one of the main reason xbox3fixme still sells. remove this feature and it's all over.
I still can't stand it when people pay hundreds of dollars for xbox3fixme games while millions of gamers all over the world play them for free...

Kurt Russell3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

What a load of shit Ghinasky - it's a small percentage you fucking troll scum.

BiggCMan3111d ago

thats not true. a huge amount of owners pirate their games. but to answer ghinaskys question. people still want to play online, access achievements etc.. thats why they dont mod the console, plus the risk of getting it banned comes into play obviously. and some people just have the money to spend on games anyway, so why go through the trouble and risks of modding it?

jaysquared3111d ago

You are correct M$ pretty much copied the PS2 this gen. Last gen the PS2 sold because they were breaking down so much! My cousin personally went through 3 of them.. PS2 was also very easy to mod as well and thats why it kept selling and was also weaker than both the Xbox and Gamecube.. You can pretty much say that M$ copied Sony's strategy last gen and applied to the 360!

-SIXAXIS-3111d ago

I know many people who bought the 360 JUST so they could pirate games.

Trebius3111d ago

I must be one of the lucky few i guess...

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commodore643112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

hacked console?

MS could always remove the feature that was hacked?
That would solve the piracy problem, right?

That seems to be the done thing, right?


no you couldnt remove the bit from xbox as it wouldnt work, go back to your bridge.

lonix3111d ago

Remove the DVD drive
And go dd only like they keep crapping on about

SuperStrokey11233111d ago

Try harder, why cant you just comment on the story at hand instead fo trying to twist things around?

UnwanteDreamz3111d ago

because like so many other xbox trolls he pretends to hate fanboys. He hides behind his professed unbiased opinions while never missing a chance to slam all things Sony.

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vhero3111d ago

you can still play online with a hacked console so people need to get a bit more clued in rather than guess work. The thing is eventually MS figure out the method of hack and patch the network banning the consoles. However the minute they do sites like this let people know so they then D/C until a new hack/firmware patch is released and then go back online. You would be surprised how many play for free on 360. The arcade was great for hackers and when MS removed that option I honestly thought it was a great idea as it would hurt hackers who could replace banned consoles on the cheap however they then came along with the 4gb machine :(. So much for slowing them down.. Then again MS know even though they don't buy games hackers buy consoles and more than your average gamer.

jaysquared3111d ago

and I know so many people who bought the PS3 for the blu ray feature only.. That's why most PS3 games don't sell!

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ingiomar3112d ago

Hacking a console is not worth it if you get banned -.-

AllroundGamer3112d ago

why so? you can still play burned games offline...

DelbertGrady3111d ago

You don't want to be offline if you have 360. That might be fine and dandy with the PS3 but having to play games like Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 offline is just not an option for true gamers.

3111d ago
UnwanteDreamz3111d ago

"That might be fine and dandy with the PS3"

He could have left his little backhanded comment out but he is a troll. Crys and complains about fankids who mention PS3 in 360 article comments and then does it himself.

White-Sharingan3111d ago

You're right Soda Popinsky, considering all 360 games' singleplayer lasts around 4 hours (gears, halo, etc). Singleplayer only is not an option for 360 owners. If the game is over 10 hours, then we would need multiple discs; no thank you, i'll just keep it on the disc where the MP is, am I right? =]

djfullshred3111d ago

Funny, but most of the bigger games are multiplat, and people play them online with the PS3 too. LOL at the video game "experts" here that don't seem to know much about gaming outside the one product line they own.

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jjesso19933112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

theres only ban wave 1-2 times a year so buy slim for £144 1 or 2 times a year is cheaper than paying for 20-30 games you download a year

R2d2 the drive was new it take some time to hack new drives

Close_Second3112d ago

...stealing is cheaper than buying...go figure.

Don't condone console modding as no matter what people say they really end up doing it to steal games.

Theonik3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

First of all:
"I in no way support piracy and believe that the effort put by devs to makea good game should be rewarded"
Now, wouldn't it be cheaper to buy an arcade, hack it and play SP games there while you play MP games on an unhacked elite rather than buying a new one after being banned? You'd recoup the cost from all the games you'd buy otherwise. (even if you do buy the games worthy of being bought you'd still save enough money from the duds to buy the arcade.)

Edit: @Above, i disagree. Moding can be used for other reasons than piracy. Even some forms of piracy can be good, most people that pirate games wouldn't buy them anyway. If i couldn't download games i wouldn't have bought half the games i own.

SHOGUN 36o3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

"Even some forms of piracy can be good..."

Theo please elaborate for me what piracy is good?

The higher cost to offset losses by piracy I pay for my games is not good.

The DRM implemented in games is not good.

The ban sweeps are not good.

The economical loss impact felt by game companies which result in laid of employees is not good. Those employees can not further their commitment to games and we lose patches, and DLC support. Not good either.

So what am I missing that IS good?

Yes modding can be good for cosmetic reasons but, piracy is wrong and is a contributing factor in the economic shit storm the U.S. is in now. If it is bad for a nation as big as the U.S. then it is definitely bad for gaming.

Theonik3112d ago

Well you need to consider that the majority of people who pirate games wouldn't buy them anyway. It's the same with people who download movies. Most would rent them or not watch the film if they couldn't pirate it. There is only a handful of games that are worth 60$ RRP and most people that pirate are kids that can't afford to buy the games anyway. (other people would wait to biy them used which is just as bad to devs)

Now the form i was referring was using piracy as means to demo a game before buying it. There are games that i may be curious about but may not be convinced enough to spend money on them, piracy allows me to play these games and judge on weather i should get them or not. By being able to experience those games i ended up buying them out of respect to the devs.

Graphics3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

This generation is the only time I believe piracy should be acceptable, because these developers are a bunch of frauds and thieves. I started because of the fact of getting cheap ps3 ports. Why should i pay $60 for a inferior multiplatform game on ps3 when the 360 one is $60 and better. Why should i pay 60 for a ps3 game thats been on 360 a year ago and is 19.99 for xbox and better. Plus they keep holding content back to sell as DLC later. Bayonnetta was what made me start this bs i never use to do. these frauds made me have to buy a new console to be able to play their superior version game. now cause of their nonsense a lot people dont buy multiplats and just pirate. I blame pirating to the developers with their terrible ports and trying to charge equal price for their not so equal games. I use to be a happy gamer, now being a gamer is depressing with all the lies.

Anyways most of the games i have are games I would of never bought anyways, like Alan Wake.

AssassinHD3111d ago

People who shoplift were not going to buy the items anyway. People who drink and drive were not going to take a cab anyway. People who cheat on a test were not going to study anyway.


That is what you sound like Theonik.

Megaman42xX3111d ago

well I think Theonik does have a point. I've pirated some dvds that I own or plan to own. It's just easier sometimes if a disc gets scratched or as a sampler. And I really hate those FBI's warning and trailers that get loaded onto a disc, I didn't pay for that and I shouldn't have to.

I also often don't trust trailers or demos because they show the best of what's to offer but not the game or movie as a whole. They only show you a portion to get you to buy but then when you wind up with crap you're screwed.

Gamer Muzz3111d ago

There is no excuse for stealing games or illegally modding a game console.
you claim to be a gamer, yet you find it acceptable to take action that harms the industry.

as for your reasoning. that's the biggest load of B.S. I've EVER read!
You blame the devs? you say,
"Why should i pay $60 for a inferior multiplatform game on ps3 when the 360 one is $60 and better. Why should i pay 60 for a ps3 game thats been on 360 a year ago and is 19.99 for xbox and better."

If thats the case, maybe you should have looked into the consoles before you bought your PS3.
And why then if the 360 version is so great do you still insist on stealing it?
You say you had
"to buy a new console to be able to play their superior version game."
did you stop stealing games when you stole enough to cover the cost of the 360 you claim you were forced to buy? No you didn't. By your own admission, you keep stealing them.
There is no good excuse for it.

Modders are less gamer and more criminal.

lex-10203111d ago

Piracy is never ok. It is illegal and wrong. But you are only thinking is self interest. So let me put this in self interest perspective for you. You have a family, a spouse and kids. You work a job so you can have money and live. Well, where you work no one buys your products. Nope they just steal them. So your company does not make any money. No money means they cannot afford to buy more products to sell. No sales means no money to keep paying employees. You get fired. You arn't making any more money.You have no money to buy food. But "People steal from my work, why don't i just steal from someone else?" you say. So you steal food a few times. Than try stealing something else. Maybe your neighbors cable. That works so you start stealing more with no concern for the people you hurt buy stealing from them, completely forgetting that people stealing from you put you out of a job in the first place. Eventually you get caught. You go to prison, your family doesn't have money to support itself. Your kids are taken away. You probably get stabbed in prison and die. (Ok so this is a bit extreme, but you can see how this could be bad) Oh but wait, I'm sorry I'm totally wrong. You steal, meaning you don't care about anyone but yourself. So you had no family, and you die in prison alone. "But i only pirate games you say." Congratulations, and who does that help. It hurts the developers. These developers get no money, their company closes, and maybe they start stealing from you. Case and point. Research your games before you buy them. Subscribe to something like Gamefly (best decision I made, saved me from buying so many shitty games.) And most importantly GET A JOB so you can have money to buy/rent the games you want.

Whoooop3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

@ Gamer Muzz

"There is no excuse for stealing games or illegally modding a game console. you claim to be a gamer, yet you find it acceptable to take action that harms the industry."

I bought Chaos Theory and Double Agent for PC and I recently wanted to replay them, so I tried to install them and to my surprise, they wouldn't install on Vista 64bit due to the DRM. Starforce basically called it quits and didn't want to support said games anymore and I was left with 2 (bought) unplayable games because neither Ubisoft nor Starforce wanted to deal with it.

So tell me this... Isn't that a good excuse to pirate the games (which I did) and be able to play them? Pirated versions IRONICALLY worked.

Also.. The term "steal" is not accurate as you don't take what's theirs, leaving them with nothing. You're just downloading of copy of the original. That's why copyright laws use copy or pirated.

Gamer Muzz3106d ago

You are flat out WRONG.
The word "Steal" is PERFECTLY accurate.
To steal (By definition) is to to take the property of another without permission or right. it has nothing to do with what you leave for them.

as for your right to play pirated games.
If you already own copies of those games you are legally allowed to own backups. so your downloaded copies are not illegal.
But downloading games you do not own already IS illegal and it IS stealing. Period.

as for your reasoning. Well, My PS2 games wont play on a new PS3, but you don't see me saying it's OK to pirate PS2 games. it is what it is. sometimes you get a new system (computer in this case) and your old games don't play on it. But they still work fine on a 32bit system. it's exactly the same thing. Play em on an old system if you want, but don't use them as an excuse for stealing other games.

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R2D23112d ago

As far as I was concern the 360 s is just an outer redesign with Valhalla inside - why would this be considered a new hack.

Nitrowolf23112d ago

usually because when a system get a redesign it usually becomes more harder to hack, like PSP as the newer version come out it is becoming more difficult to hack or have a simpler hack, they become more complicated.

RuPaul3112d ago

cause it gets examiner more HITZ!

RuPaul3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

a prestigious site like examiner should know the rules for N4G and EMBED VID; <object width="640" height="385">< param name="movie" value=" name="allowFullScreen& ;quo t; value="true">< /param><param name="allowScriptAccess&a mp;q uot; value="always">&a mp;l t;/param><embed src=" type="application/x-shock wave-flash" allowfullscreen="true& ;quo t; allowScriptAccess="always " width="640" height="385">< /embed></object

MGRogue20173112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

... The song in the video makes me want to slam my head onto my desk continuously. :(

d3nworth13112d ago

Yea I'll join you. I can't believe someone actually remixed that song. Even as a little kid I hated the original song.