Can Final Fantasy Versus XIII Live Up To The Hype?

Now that Final Fantasy XIII has come and gone, fans of the franchise have set their sights on Square Enix’s next action rpg. Even though Square Enix’s next installment in the Fabula Nova Crystallis doesn’t have a solid release date yet, besides the “after Final Fantasy XIV” statement made by those inside the company, the excitement behind Final Fantasy Versus XIII is building.

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Silly gameAr3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

@Mandatory Install

You probably haven't played a single one of those games.

Whoops. reply fail.

Redrum0593112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

dont worry about "mandatory install", hes just buthurt because he has nothing to play at the moment. His recent AAA exclusives werent all that AAA after all.
anyways, i have a strong feeling that vs13 is gonna be very good, i have yet to see a bad numora game.

Commander_TK3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Nomura will not dissapoint

vsr3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

This is exclusive game from crystal tools ps3 exclusive engine. full HD capable like GT5, wipeout, ff13, and rockstar agent..etc

This is not for the kids who plays story, cutscene less gameplay only sports games.

CaptainKratos3112d ago

i hope this game wins my heart ;)

ranmafandude3112d ago

ffvs13 is gonna be a beast.if you don't like jrpgs why even come on an article about a JRPG?

badz1493111d ago

but the too long wait actually killed my hype level for this game but a mere hope. I hope this will be good and Nomura can work on KH3!

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2FootYard3112d ago

This one with likely stay exclusive, so even if it sucks ass, the Sony fanboys will still be claiming its the greatest RPG ever.

Seijoru3112d ago

Sorry but 90% of exclusives on PS3 are amazing bar the WKC, MNR, and MAGs out there.

RedDead3112d ago

Don't forget Haze, lair and Socom confrontation

Optical_Matrix3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )


WKC, Folklore, Disgaea and Yakuza? Just gtfo. Please.

AntsPai3112d ago

- Socom: Confrontation
- Folklore
- Resistance 2
- Yakuza 3
- Heavenly Sword
- Disgaea 3

Are pretty good, you don't seem to be a real gamer, just a massive troll or else you just have really bad taste to dislike all these games, I understand not liking some of them but seriously, no need to be such a rabid fanboy

gtamike3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Resistance 2 was great, maybe if you ask your mummy before xmas you could get a PS3 and find out for your self :)

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Natsu X FairyTail3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

Exactly PS3 fans are hypocrites. Tell me HOW MANY FF titles have been GREAT so far since final fantasy 9 which was on PS1 ?

Please tell me. The final fantasy series have been milked to the point that the games are rushed and made in a way to please the western crowd who dont like jrpgs for the most part. And did this guy said that the PS3 jrpgs have all been great?

Which Jrpgs are so great on ps3 except for Valkyria Chronicles and demon Soul?

I'm not even hating on The Ps3 right now. This is about Final fantasy games Sucking balls but since FFVersus is exclusive these lames still think the game will be good.

CMON NOW. get real ! I dont expect none of yall to agree with me though since yall dont like the truth.

Get at me now.

CosmicTraveler3111d ago

working on a single title for 4 years isnt rushing at all, FFvsXIII is heading into its 5th year in developement,but i do agree that the latest FF games have been not so good, but i have found a bit of enjoyment in them atleast, but i think most of these ppl havent played most of the Great FF games,so i can see why you would call them all you did

bustamove3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

You're full of it, you know that? White Knight Chronicles is another good rpg for the PS3. It may not have received 8's and 9's but oif someone played it for themselves, they would know how good it is. And I do recall Final Fantasy X being a really good rpg because I played it and I have it.

Square-Enix started failing when they merged and started caring more about money than the quality of their games. I'm hoping FF Versus XIII lives up to the hype because if it doesn't, I'm not buying Square-Enix games period. But Nomura isn't one to disappoint either way.

Yes, because 360 fanboys aren't hypocrites as well. I remember most 360 fanboys not giving a damn about FFXIII until it went multiplatform. Then they started jumping around like they won the lottery or something.

the_bebop3111d ago

dont you since Final Fantasy X.

WLPowell3111d ago

X, XI, and XII were actually good. XII was hated by japanophiles and nostalgia whores, but it still had the most mature story and the most rewarding battle system of any Final Fantasy. XI is a pretty solid MMO, it's just the MMO crowd are pussies, and like to play cakewalks like wow. XIII was the first time a main entry in the FF franchise was actually mediocre.

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FiftyFourPointTwo3112d ago (Edited 3112d ago )

Yes, it will. Cant wait for TGS, I can already see the headlines all over N4G.
"FFVSXIII TGS trailer blows people's minds"
"FFVSXIII trailer wows japanese audience."
"Stunning 3-minute FFVSXIII trailer explodes at TGS."
etc etc...
With Nomura behind the game, this game will far surpass expectations.

...oh, and most importantly, ONLY ON PS3. :)

Newtype3112d ago

A game headed by Tetsuya Nomura has never lead to disappointment.

FiftyFourPointTwo3112d ago

The only thing disappointing about Nomura is making enhanced versions of games exclusively for Japan (KHFM, KH2FM+). I'm expecting a KHBBS Final Mix announcement at TGS, again exclusive for JP. :|

Godmars2903112d ago

It has to prove JRPGs as a viable genera on HD consoles first.

Alos883112d ago

If you're waiting for that, you might want to wait for Persona 5.

Godmars2903111d ago

Considering the age of this gen, how criticism for JRPGs has only grown, its probably too late.

WLPowell3111d ago

Disagea 3, White Knight Chronicles, Demon's Souls, 3D dot Game Heroes, The World Ends With You, Valkaria Chronicles, KH:Birth By sleep, the 3rd Birthday, etc. JRPGs have proven themselves time and time again this gen (HD console or not) the industry should stop waiting for a AAA JRPG to show up on the 360 before giving praise to the rest of the group.

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