Kratos Appearing In Mortal Kombat, Sony Exclusive? This Will Be Huge HHGS 8/15/10

1. Sci – Fi Call Of Duty: Future Warfare Possible Help From Bungie
2. Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Incredible Interview
3. Madden 11 Review – (9.5/10) Gangsta Rating
4. HipHopRss – G-unit Records Signs With EMI Publishing
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ZombieRepeIIent4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Bungie is making their own game. Bungie will too busy with their new IP, building up the universe and supporting their game to help with Call of Duty. Activision is just their publisher, not their fucking boss. Bungie will never make Call of Duty, quote me on it.

SnuggleBandit4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

So unprofessional

R2D24121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I wonder who is going to be in the 360 version?

Master Chief would sort of fit in - sure he is mostly a weapon specialist but if you seen the animation series he is totally a kick a$$ spartan.

If Sektor, Cyrax, Noob Saibot and Smoke can be in Mortal Kombat I dont see why the chief can not fit in.

MicroSony4Life4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I did not even know that DOA had a spartan

thanks m8.

asyouburn4121d ago

i have a buddy that OWNS with 458. almost not even fun to play with him if he uses her

Active Reload4121d ago

Good job Hiphop Gamer! You even got your shit on iTunes, I'm impressed.

DaBadGuy4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Kratos is already in Mortal Kombat, his name is Quan Chi.

MicroSony4Life4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago ) that photoshop or thats how Quan Chi really looks? The dude sure does look like Kratos.

bostoner4121d ago

I like this guy but... those madden animations look like crap and he was going nuts... I'm sure he was high. Plus I thought Cannabis' C of tranquility was a 6 song album released in 2008 featuring the title trak C of tranquility. Y is he re-releasing it?

pustulio4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

NOOOOOOOOOOOO FUCK! I couldn't see it was a HHG story until i clicked it.

"Sci – Fi Call Of Duty: Future Warfare Possible Help From Bungie"

I mean WTF is up with your bullshit desperate to get hits?

Also EVERYONE rate the story as WTF? and No. Hopefully he will be unable to post his shit here.

orange-skittle4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Not only is he a rumor monger, but he is talking about PSN+ as if XBL doesn't do that already? I guess it's new for PSN, but it's not's being done right now. You can buy 360 games from the "games on demand" section and you also get free trials on every game(arcade & indie).

Not only is he unprofessional, but to think Bungie is going to help with Call of Duty is the most asinine thing ever. That will NEVER happen.

0mega44120d ago

good view
i dont see why if activision payed bungie why they wouldnt help make future COD
makes logical sense especially since iw is no more and bungie is familar with fps

and the new stuff that he mentions about plus are great.

BuIIetproofish_4120d ago

They'd be paying a whole lot more than its worth. Bungie isn't their property. Activision just has publishing rights to their games for 10 years. They have no control over Bungie otherwise. I think their new series will go Halo big and Activision wouldn't want to lose them 2 or 3 games into the series with bullshit.

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brazilianbumpincher4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

what i dont get is that the same old people who spew hate at him comment on his articles every week,i agree has does talk crap at times speaking without thinking first most recently 'naughty dog going multi' i lost alot of respect for him with that quote but to comment every week behind a keyboard on 'hhg is this and that' is pointless

end of the day love him or hate him his getting to meet the bigwigs in the industry,sometimes even they look uncomfortable with his over-hyper attitude and the ridiculous ghetto slang (to be hiphop doesnt necessarily mean you need to talk in slang constantly ask talib kweli i think theres a time and a place in your videos fine but not when you meeting naughty dog etc it looks so unprofessional just my opinion) but his still going to places i wish i could like e3 and sony/ms events,ted price knows his name so does david jaffe,greenburg etc the list goes on.

haters hate him but why waste your energy every week saying the same thing? just dont click his articles and let him do his thing

blasian4121d ago

This is what haters do. They wait for something to hate on even if its weekly.

OT Kratos would own all

Mustang300C20124121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

"but his still going to places i wish i could like e3 and sony/ms events,ted price knows his name so does david jaffe,greenburg etc the list goes on"

Not that hard or anything to brag about seriously this is nothing to be jealous about. You can get a job at Best Buy and have access to E3 since you sell their products. Exactly what we did when I was stationed in California and worked part time at BB.


"can you get interviews with developers?

i seriously want to no..."

Can every blogger claim to be a Journalist? By the way, it is "know" not "no".

pixelsword4121d ago

They secretly love him and at the same time are jealous of him.

Although I have to give much respect to the Wii for winning this gen (face it, it'll be hard for anyone to beat them) I am not very attracted to the Wii, so I'm rarely, if ever, in their articles.

But I love Halo, Killzone, Gears, etc.; so I'm in those artices; even if I make an off-topic comment.

And so it is with these haters: they love HHG, but they can't reveal that they do or something in their simian-like minds will pop.

silvacrest4121d ago

can you get interviews with developers?

i seriously want to no...

Amplitude4121d ago

lol. Maybe if you walked up to them with a camera and mic and said you were from a gaming website. Why would the developer say no? *shrugs* Kinda like-

"Yo dawg mah main man David Jaffe yo you developed hit gamez like Callin' all carz nd shit rite yo? Can we get n interview dawg? shiiit."

"Yeah... sure one sec."

"Aiight. So Dave yo, what big guyz we gunna see in God a War 3 yo?"

"Well we haven't announced any gods yet, but there will be some very, very big ones..."


*posts story about how David Jaffe said that you'll be fighting giant cats, completely pulled out of his ass based on an out-of-context sentence that David Jaffe said*

silvacrest4121d ago

"Can every blogger claim to be a Journalist? By the way, it is "know" not "no"

first of all how is that even close to being the same thing? you dont even need to interact with another human being to achieve that

thanks for your petty correction, has your self worth increased yet?

you didn't even answer the question...

@Axecution, the thing is he actually has good interviews some times, its not always bullshit like you described

the truth is most of us cant be bothered to do what he does, successful or not, the haters should think about that the next time they wanna bash

ChronoJoe4121d ago


His articles breach N4G submitee, terms of use. Submitted with stupid titles, often even flamebait. So of course people are gonna' keep complaining.

I don't see why the people who approve these articles, don't tell him to use appropriate titles.

solidt124121d ago

It's because they love to hate him. Even though they don't like what he says they still find him entertaining and enjoy gossiping about him.

sikbeta4120d ago


Sometimes the HHG-dude gets dense with the crap he say, but in his defense, he does Great interviews....

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DatNJDom814121d ago

That would be real cool. I wouldn't mind ripping off Shang Tsung's head of with Kratos.

CobraKai4121d ago

Seriously. With his bare hands no less

4121d ago
theEx1Le4121d ago

I know it's highly unlikely that bungie will ever be involved in CoD, but to be fair, if they were then they could easily transform a franchise that is going down the tubes quality wise. I ain't saying I don't enjoy CoD, but a fresh take on the series may be just what it needs.

TheLastGuardian4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

Hip Hop Gamer has a great personality and even though he talks alot of shit about rumors that most likely won't happen, it is still an entertaining show. If he had higher production values I could see him on G4TV or MTV. He's definetely got me pumped for Mortal Kombat and I think it would be sick if Kratos and Zues were in the game, as for Spiderman Shattered Demensions, it looks great but I'd rather save my money for inFAMOUS 2. He gave Madden a 9.5/10 what a surprise black people usually love madden. I can't believe I've never heard of canibus, the man can rap, he's deep and funny too.

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Chapulin4121d ago

will destroy Scorpion. lol

Lou-Cipher4121d ago

I could see Kratos throwing his blade into scorpions chest,pulling him closer, then saying "GET OVER HERE" then throwing an upercut.

D4RkNIKON4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

I would kill to see Kratos's 'Finish him' move!

Skizelli4121d ago

You can't kill what's already dead. ;)

Lou-Cipher4121d ago

Tell that to the zombie I just decapitated.

Skizelli4120d ago

Scorpion's a spectre, not a zombie. Furthermore, you're confusing dead with undead. There's a difference.

Skizelli4120d ago

I don't mind when people disagree with me, but on this? Really?

T9X694121d ago

Kratos in MK would be cool as hell, I don't even like God of War but Kratos is such a bad ass character that he would fit in perfectly.

CimmerianDrake4121d ago

In before "You don't like God of War? What kind of Xbot fanbot bot bot bot are you?"

Convas4121d ago

*Sigh* Another Sunday, another HHG. I'm going to play video games now.

comp_ali4121d ago

in short, another shitty article gets approved

Dee_914121d ago

you dont re..... wait you reply ?
i dont get it

Cloudberry4121d ago

It would be fit for him to appear in Mortal Kombat just like in Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny (PSP).

But then again...

This "rumor" (?) is "hard to tell".........