Top Five Upcoming Capcom Games

GameZone Brian Rowe writes,

"Capcom has been one of the top names in gaming since 1984. Think of your favorite games of all-time, for a specific system, perhaps from a single genre, or even by year, and Capcom probably makes an appearance every time. When Capcom announces a new game, the entire world of gaming stops to take notice, GameZone included, and 2010 has been an extraordinary year for announcements. Capcom has plenty of games to watch out for, but five in particular should be on every gamer’s radar."

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Blaze9293111d ago

I wish they'd bring out a new Onimusha this gen.

Not sure how I'm feeling about Dead Rising 2 yet - I'll judge from the demo. Nothing I've seen of it so far has me even remotely thinking about paying $60 for it.

Caspel3111d ago

I certainly do miss Onimusha's grace on the consoles.

Yi-Long3111d ago (Edited 3111d ago )

... Like Power Stone, Okami, Viewtiful Joe, etc etc.

And hopefully without any DLC-milking.

Not really hyped about any of the games in this top 5 though.

MvC2 was awesome and one of my favourite games, but MvC3 just doesn't look as good, design-wise, as MvC2 did...

Silly gameAr3111d ago

A new Onimusha is all I need from Capcom, well that and a new Devil May Cry.

T9X693111d ago

I don't think they confirmed a demo for Dead Rising 2 did they? I hope there is one, and I think they really need one to. PS3 users didn't get to experience what Dead Rising was like, so if they want to sell a respectable amount of copies it would be a good idea to release a demo to win some PS3 users over.

SeanRL3111d ago

They won me over the second I stuck a giant lego head on a zombie at m friends house. This is a game every ps3 owner should at least try.

SilentNegotiator3111d ago

Other than Dead Rising....not much there that interests me.

jack_burt0n3111d ago

My only concern is how westernized DR2 might be, have a tough time trusting smaller western dev's taking over franchises.

D3adcell3111d ago

Yes, I loved the onimusha games. If they just updated them and redid the control scheme that would be awesome. Onimusha collection on PS3?

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dannyland13111d ago

dead rising is the one im looking forward to.

comp_ali3111d ago

well, that's pretty much everything they will release anyway. beside sf vs tekken is co-published by cpacom and namco bandai

ranmafandude3111d ago

capcom was a damn beast. this gen they kinda got lazy with the dlc milking and trying to cater to western tastes. with games like mvc3 among other games coming, i still have hope.

MiyagiSPG3111d ago

Can't wait for all of these games, but I really wish for devil may cry 5 to be announced soon.

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