Top 5 Games that Will Never See the Light of Release

"A look at five awesome games that didn’t make it out of development. "

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stonecold13108d ago

for other games never saw daylight eyeidentify . 8 days . the getaway 3 . huxley . dirty harry . indiana jones . dead island .

Caspel3108d ago

Damn, forgot all about Dead Island and the Indiana Jones tech demo they showed off

Johandevries3108d ago

Maybe Dead Island will come. The production has just been put to halt because Techland needed their resources elsewhere. They're making nail'd right now.

ZombieRepeIIent3108d ago

I bet we see Eight Days after Uncharted 3. Why would Sony want to compete with themselves? Two exclusive cover based TPS would be bad. Resistance and Killzone can coexist because of their differences, FPS can be very different from one another.

gamerzBEreal173107d ago

kingdom hearts 3 =(
atleast anytime soon

rdgneoz33107d ago

Yah, it'll be several years before KH3. They'll probably start it after Versus is finished, maybe... Loved the first 2, wish they'd do another for the ps3.

RedDead3107d ago

This articles a bit retarded. Starfox 2 got leaked on the net, it's amazing apparently

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3108d ago
Blaze9293108d ago

the getaway 3 tech demo did look impressive.

Caspel3108d ago

do you have a link to that?

T9X693108d ago

The first half is screenshots, the second half is the trailer.

3108d ago
dannyland13108d ago

DUke nukem might actually see the light of day.

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The story is too old to be commented.