BG - Alan Wake: The Signal Review

Since its release, much of the debate surrounding Alan Wake has centred in its enigmatic ending. Its ambiguity left some feeling cheated while others felt it complemented the style of the narrative. However, any arguments over the finale are put to rest right at the beginning of The Signal. Much like the episodes of the first game, the DLC ‘special feature’ begins with a recap of the events so far, simultaneously clearing up any questions about the conclusion of the main game. It then picks up immediately after and kicks into high gear almost straight away. Unlike the previous episodes, there is no down time before the action ramps up and from the off, Alan is under threat.

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outrageous3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

The episodes/chapters in AW are 2.5-3 hrs long. The Signal DLC is 1.5 hrs long. The dlc is FREE to first time buyers of AW, otherwise it will cost $7 and well worth the buy if AW is a game you enjoyed.

I really enjoyed AW and the DLC. While not shedding much light on the whole is it AW ( real Vs fiction? ) or is it Zane controversy, the dlc featured some incredible gameplay and should not be missed.

IMO, 6.5 ( solid 8 for me ) is too low a score, especially considering the dlc was FREE. The next installment will be titled the writer and I expect it will clear alot of the story up. The AW story is a very complicated one and really kept gamers on there toes. Looking forward to whatever Remedy decides to do.