Onlive: 2 Months In

AnalogHype writes "On June 17 OnLive made history by being the first cloud based gaming service available, what's even crazier is that they gave away a free year of service, free games and are continuing to grow every day. I've been on board with the service since launch, and we all sat down with Bruce Grove at OnLive during E3 and that's what we really got pumped. Now almost two months in I've found myself playing OnLive more and more every day"

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harrisk9543110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

I got it only because it was free (for a year, I think) but I haven't played it at all because it won't allow you to use wireless. I was excited to try it when it was first released, but since I use a wireless router for my PC, it is too much of a pain to hook up an ethernet cable.

Majors3109d ago

No point getting something for free as a tester then not using it just because you cant plug in a cable. Send it on to someone who will use it.

Cueil3109d ago

just bridge the two together and it'll work... that's what I do

neogeo3109d ago

I have it and don't like it. all games look very low res and very dark. nuff said

SolidSystem3109d ago

if it was like netflix and I payed a subscription and had access to any game, I would be all for it. paying 20bucks a month instead of 60 every time a new game comes out. that would be pretty slick.

however. Online is Cloud based, no Internet (lets say it goes down) you loose your games, you stop paying online you loose your games, your bandwidth gets low in your area because of the neighborhood eating it all up? your performance goes down. Online as a service gets too big and not enough servers to handle everyone or not enough bandwidth for everyone? there goes your performance.

too many variables in the system that i would just like to keep out. right now the only thing that hurts my performance is ocassional drops when everyone in my area decided to download things (i notice slow downs once ever few weeks) or when the server sucks when I'm playing TF2.

however I hate the idea that everything I payed for, will go away if i stop using Online.

BDSE3109d ago

It's well over priced, why do I have to pay a subscription AND buy/rent each game? I prefer my physical copies thanks.

Leio3109d ago

Cus you can play Crysis on a laptop cost less than 300$
Its more than just a game shop you know :/

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The story is too old to be commented.