Why Video Games Should Go Up In Price

Bitsofjoy write: "I propose that the best solution for this would start with a lower price point for games at release"

"A lower price-point may offer some games a better chance against the Autumn blockbusters"

"This would both reflect the state that video-games are released in, charging customers less for a game which has yet to be patched and which may have an under-developed online community and stimulating sales and interest for games for the first few weeks of release. Of course, a lower price-point would help prevent the need for piracy for many people also."

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spaceindaver3110d ago

For the b-tier games I agree with this. It's not often a "cult hit" has a sales resurgence under the current structure; for some reason The Witcher comes to mind.

I also think maybe PC players are more willing to play games that aren't the "latest thing"?

EYEamNUMBER13110d ago

games go up in price?
no thank you i happen to think the price points we have now are alright but regardless i know they aren't going to stay that way

by the time next gen rolls around im expecting the new price point to be 69.99 i dunno about you guys but that isn't worth it in my opinion

most games now a days just get shorter and shorter some make up for that with the addition of online but online is only temporary if the game doesn't sell all too well sometimes the online is pretty broken

bottom line for me i don't think games should go up in price but what i think doesn't really matter in the end
they are gonna go up regardless

pustulio3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

Wha..? i mean did you guys even read?

EYEamNUMBER13110d ago

i did and this is nothing more than a pipe dream that would never even be seriously considered by anyone
in the end it would just be more work for less pay

im being realistic with what i said i think the price points we have now are alright not the best but its passable but expect the price of games to go up next gen

Chubear3110d ago (Edited 3110d ago )

They may talk about high end graphics A LOT (even though a vast majority of PC gamers don't have rig to game on ultra high settings) but PC gamers will play anything.

It could be a game from 20yrs ago they didn't get round to playing and they'll play and enjoy it just as much as anything recent.

Console core gamers on the other hand, not so much. If you talk about just finishing Red Dead Redemption now they'd laugh at you talking about "lol, that games so old". To some console gamers, a game that came out last year is ancient and must not be touched... stupid.

Just because a game came out yesterday does not make it automatically better than a game from 5yrs ago.

as 4 teh article - FU and you're "grabber" headlines & article pic misleading BS... :)

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thorstein3109d ago

When they pulled the $29.99 NFL games to compete with Madden. And the game was actually better than Madden. So EA just bought exclusivity to combat it rather than match the price or make a better game.

problemchild843109d ago

I thought the 2k sports games were $19.99, could just be a regional price difference i guess

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mrv3213110d ago

How about instead of the price go up you focus on better DLC, we are paying too much for maps which adds little, how about modes, new co-op and don't just remove it from the main game either.

Or go solely DD that can save quite a bit of money while dropping the price of video games.

qface643110d ago

even if they went DD they would still keep the price the way they would normally be at retail
i really wouldn't doubt it

xino3110d ago

then the new modes and co-ops would be removed from game disc and added as DLC:/

TheMART3110d ago

Lol how about getting price up only in USA, they pay freaking in dollars what we pay in Euro...

new game 60 to 65 USD in USA = 60 to 65 Euro in Europe (depends on transfer rates which are fluctuating a lot lately but on average its about 90 to 95 USD). GOWIII Ultimate Trilogy edition even worse, USA paid like 80 dollars, while the retailprice of Europe was 149 Euro (around 200 USD), although some sold it for 129 Euro.

Raising it over 65 Euro for a new game, up to what, 90 Euro? I really don't want to pirate games, but if it gets to that...

Darkstorn3109d ago

You guys should be happy that the Euro is stronger than the dollar, for however long that lasts...

palaeomerus3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

Actually having a strong currency tends to cut down exports and increases the value of debts to other countries.

Darkstorn3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I was being sarcastic, but I know where you're coming from.

I think it's important to remember, though, that Europeans get more than their money's worth when it comes to government services. Despite having a VAT and sometimes municipal taxes that can make products appear to be more expensive than in the States, most European nations offer free or low cost healthcare and subsidized utilities that make livability more universal. It's simply a trade off - does an individual want to spend more on products but less on necessary services, or vice versa?

palaeomerus3109d ago

The US didn't get 'Ultimate Trilogy' did they? They got the deluxe version of GOTY 3 that only came with the 'Pandora's box' toy.

The GoW and GoW2 HD remakes were sold as a separate release in the states for $30. It was called GoW Collection.

The collectors edition of GoW3 didn't come with it.

If you wanted both in the US you'd have paid $120. Also, the US doesn't have VAT (yet) and doesn't include their local and state sales taxes(which vary)into the MSRP.

Nate-Dog3110d ago

The title of that article really makes no sense.

Nike3110d ago

It's supposed to be "sensationalist" and gain people's attention. Like, groovy man. :P

ZombieNinjaPanda3110d ago

Ah, tricky title is tricky, the author actually wants games to go down in price.

Darkstorn3109d ago (Edited 3109d ago )

I want to see an article on N4G have a title that differs completely from the content (like titling it 'Stories in Games are Bad' while coming to the exact opposite conclusion explicitly in the writing). I just want to know how many people are posting out of their asses without reading the articles.

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