Kinect is not even good enough for DDR shows us why Kinect is not good enough for DDR,
Move and wii shows the best at launch party.

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Gray-Fox3107d ago

Kinnect? I'm not trying to defend Kinect here... but you spelled it wrong.

zeeshan3107d ago

M$ are sooo busy hyping the tech behind Kinect but the problem is that even if Kinect is what they say it is, we are YET to see something that's going to shock and awe us. On the other hand, SONY have already shown some SOLID kick ass AAA that are going to utilize MOVE such as Killzone 3, Socom 4, LBP2 and what not. SONY is doing it right when it comes to software support. They have got it all covered! The casuals, the hardcore, they are doing a great job BUT... Sony has been very VERY lazy with advertising MOVE. I keep seeing MACY's Kinect ad so very damn often and I have YET to see a MOVE ad.

SONY NEEDS to up their advertising game. This is where M$ can draw a solid line. Their advertising budget is huge and that can really do some wonders. MOVE will sell great on word of mouth but Sony needs to back up this great tech that has an amazing software support by advertising the hell out of Move! Word mouth can only go so far!

GWAVE3107d ago

I don't care about advertising or which one sells more.

But it simply amazes me how the 360 fanbase is so passionately defending Kinect - something that isn't even aimed at them, something that delivers on 1/10th of the things Micosoft promised it would do. You'd think gamers would have higher standards...

bustamove3107d ago

Trust me, anything that has Microsoft's name on it...they will defend it like a newborn.

SIdepocket3107d ago

You'd think GWAVE would have something better to do than troll Kinetic articles all day long or create alt accounts like __crissy to give himself agrees. You must be really threatened by Microsoft.

AndrewRyan3107d ago

I don't think it deserves triple A status. It's just another American Generic Shooter. Bunch of tough American soldiers in the desert doing missions... Seen it 10 times already.

We will see my friends maybe it will impress.

Killzone 3 however, does deserve the triple A status . With a story I have never seen before you become immersed in the game.

ukilnme3107d ago

@ crissy

On the flip side of that, anything with Microsoft's name on it is attacked like crazy by the SDF suicide bombers. If you dare say anything bad about Sony or anything Playstation you had better be prepared to go in to hiding.

It simply amazes me how the SDF are so passionate about their attacks on Kinect and the 360 for that matter. It is just plain pathetic.

fooltheman3107d ago

At andrew Ryan;
hmm socom is situated in asia... and they didn't show any desert landscapes...

insomnium3107d ago

Because the x360 fanbrats were the ones who started it. That's why.

ARBitrator3107d ago

As said in the past, it all about how the devs decide that want to code the game for that particular peripheral does "LAZY DEVS" ring any bells SDF?

Had the makers of DDR used the same style of body tracking as Dance Central, their game would have played better and thus been more appealing to the masses. Don't blame Kinect here, blame Konami.

rdgneoz33107d ago

@ARBitrator Sure its about whether devs are lazy or not. But there's also the part of the limits to the technology. And seeing Kinect isn't the most responsive thing in the world, trying to do a fast past level would be hell. You'd have to be as fast as the pre-E3 demo of the SW Kinect game...

Also, dance dance central, from the demos and videos, does not seem at all like it has to be as fast and accurate as a DDR game. You have a few seconds to do the move / gesture that is required, where as with DDR games, you need to be quick as hell and any lag will kill you.

ARBitrator3105d ago (Edited 3105d ago )

You folks never seem to disapoint with your bullsh!t spins on EVERYTHING. First off, It's not "dance dance central" second, the game shows you what's coming next, you still need to keep up with the avatar or you'll get feedback letting you know that you are done.

DDR requires a footpad using move and wiimotes with it is simply just to say they they are using it. The moves being done with those controllers are completely pointless and you could see for yourself.

Besides, the dude said that the Kinect game was in beginner mode, perhaps you should wait to see what the final game looks like before you pass judgement. Or perhaps konami saw dance central and just threw in the towel knowing that their game was going to get it's a$$ kicked anyway who know.

If you look at a person playing DDR, do they look like they are dancing to you?

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outrageous3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

The guy claims they are ALL very buggy, the Wii being the best of the Sounds like DDR is a fail.

As for the comparisons between the various motion controllers, MTV's Dance Central has had rave reviews, is a Kinect exclusive and utilizes the still in development Kinect tech very well. Many have called it and Ubisoft Kinect exclusive Your shape fitness game a killer app for Kinect. No reason to hate on it. Don't like it, don't buy or play it.

Here's a sample of Dance central:

DelbertGrady3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

He says the Kinect version was hard to play cause he didn't know what to do. Sounds more like the problem is with the software.

Then again, it doesn't matter to the PS3 fanboys if the bashing is legit or not. They take every chance they get to bash now that release is drawing nearer.

gamingdroid3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

I don't know. It seems Dance Central has no issue tracking people, so it sounds like people are pulling at straws in an unfinished product based on a guys experience of a portion of a game. He even mentions it in the video, that this might just be in the early part of the game for beginners.

Nobody on the other hand is saying, "Oh, my god! Kinect works. Check out Dance Central!" Instead we get, "Oh my god! Kinect DOES NOT work. Check out this guys experience of a part of a buggy game."

Anyone see a problem there?

I find it ironic as posting this comment, another article has a positive experience of Kinect. SHOCK!

fooltheman3107d ago

indeed it's easier for the system to not display you as tracking...
than the lag isn't visible...
If you think about it, for dance games this is very good...

jut4203107d ago

Actually Soda, he said that it's more like you're striking a pose rather than actually dancing. Don't know how you missed that since you obviously heard him say he didn't know what to do at first since he says that right before he says it's not actually like dancing. Funny how you call out PS3 fanboys, yet can't admit your own bias.

niceguywii603107d ago

You know the 360 is starting to do well and its offerings are starting to appeal to the masses when PS3 fanboys start writing anti 360/Kinect articles themselves or radically changing the title and and description of stories.

Obama3107d ago

You know with Dance Central you just do poses whatever the screen tells you which for kinect is not hard to accomplish at all. It's not like you do whatever dance moves you like and kinect is tracking all of them.

JakemanPS319943106d ago

i actully think dance central looks cool! if it does come to the move like they said they wer looking in to, i might actully buy it

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bustamove3107d ago

Um...excuse you? Most PS3 fans can admit that Sony *has* made mistakes. But most of us can also acknowledge that they made up for their mistakes. Microsoft on the other hand constantly makes mi8stakes and don't learn from them.

Welcome to my ignore list. I don't know why the mods haven't done something about your comment yet.

pixelsword3106d ago

If you saw a penis, then... yes :D

jay23107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Well it's Dis-Kinect, what'd you expect.

Myst3107d ago

Can't wait for the PS3 version of DDR to come out :D. Already have it paid off! Also if that is the pad that will be given out it [that is showcased in the video at the 0:44 mark] looks nice.

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Optical_Matrix3107d ago

"Strike a pose rather than Dance". Says it all to me really. Says it all.

pixelsword3106d ago

Not the same vibe, not at all:

The Wii version is the simplest, which it good; but not using the pad is kind of a crock.

The PS3 version seems the most complicated, which is also good only because the game is kinda complicated: using the pad keeps it true to form.

The 360 version feels kinda gumpy, but like the dude said it might be because it's on a low setting.