Xbox360 : Fable2, Enchanted Arms, Dead Rising, Gears of War

It's been a great year so far for the 360!
Since it's launch, the xbox 360 has been breakin records left, right and center!
Every you go, everywhere you look and turn, it's all about the 360!

here's a sneek-peek at a few more gems before the years end.


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bernie5395d ago (Edited 5395d ago )

I know not all these games are out this year, but the line-up for September and beyond has got to be one of the best I've seen, and I have been a gamer for over 25 years.
I played the Dead Rising demo yesterday (amazing), I went to Atari to play an almost final build of Test Drive a few weeks ago (it's brilliant, far better than the demo in may).
I know I sound like a fanboy, but I'm not, I just like great games and at the moment it's the Xbox360 that's getting them!
I will be getting a Wii as well, purely for the new fun control method, the Xbox360 and Wii are going to be a gamers dream this Christmas.
I think if you want to know what to play you just need to look back at this years E3, it told you all you need to know, see you on Live.

neeharb5395d ago

ITs just amazing .Got so many amazing games coming up ..i love downloading and playing games before buying them actually shows whether a game is worth while...
I just love my Xbox 360 me even if you are a play station fan buy it .... you can any ways buy the Ps3 when its cheaper,easily availableand becomes problem free....

THAMMER15395d ago

It is sad that people are avoiding it due to fanboyizm. I had no problem swiching from sega to Playstation1 brcause it was a better expirince. Just like X1 was better than PS2. The PS2 was just popular but I like better graphics, sound and game play. I never gave any one a hard time I just made the better choice. I think that the 360 is the 1st console to come out and stay the better choice.

DC RID3R5395d ago

ur one of a few, bro, who talk sense over here!!!


if Dead rising was announced as a brand new IP for PS3 the entire nation would be doin triple backflips and sh*t, shouting 'OMFG this will be the best game EVER'!!

but cos its on 360, it's not hyped up as much!!!

gotta love it tho, I always bet on the underdogs(ms,nintendo), and both are gonna provide gamers with experiences that easily rival, and far surpasses Sony's!!

Sony's fanbase is mostly based on casual ( dumbass gamers) anyway, so FU*K EM!!!!


THAMMER15395d ago

Gamer’s age is from 4 - 50. The 4 - 14 year old have ask mom and dad for the game console so $600.00 is a stretch for a toy, hell the 360 is a stretch at $400.00. Most 14 - 50 have a job I hope and can afford to save or just bust a whole paycheck. I have studied the 360 and the PS3 in a very instance way and I just can not find a justification for paying $600.00 for a console that will not out perform the competition. I could buy a PS3 at launch if I wanted too Sh!t I could buy 3 of them with one pay check and still pay my rent with out a flinch. But the PS3 is missing key elements like 3rd party support for 2 years, vibration, price point that makes common since. It is like drinking non- alcoholic beer for me "What's the point?"

MissAubrey5395d ago

I'm already poor enough!!! greatness that 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.